Monday, August 07, 2006

Who can blame Paris Hilton for giving up sex?

Paris Hilton: I'm going celibate
'I'll kiss, but nothing else,' says heiress

Monday, August 7, 2006; Posted: 1:33 p.m. EDT (17:33 GMT)
Sex has become a drug on the market. Of course, this might be just a publicity stunt but there are clear signs sexual boredom is taking hold particularly with men. Viagra type drugs are being very aggressively peddled to young men, a population in which genuine erectile dysfunction (ED) is very rare.

A particularly amusing portrayal of male sexual boredom appeared in the brilliantly crafted comedy "Prime" starring Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. Uma is the very definition of "hot". She plays a late 30ish woman who falls in love in a young man in his early 20s. Unbeknownst to Thurman and the boy, his mother played by Streep is her therapist.

In one of the many deliciously funny scenes the seductively dressed Uma can't tear the youngster away from a Nintendo game she bought him as birthday present.

My late father was right--too soon old too late smart! I grew up in an anti-masturbation culture where nonsense like doing it amongst other terrible consequences caused insanity! Wizzened by the sands of time think our elders knew sex wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Back then marriage and family were still valued so it was critical to scare boys away from masturbation and towards sex.

Masturbation has a lot going it. It's free, can't get VD, doesn't result in pregnancies, and afterwards you don't have to make nice to anyone.


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