Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Retracing my route to San Francisco 32 years later

On my way to Los Angeles to attend the state GOP convention starting Friday. Left early to take my time driving there on California 1 which runs along our magnificant coastline. When I came to California in 1974, took that route to San Francisco.

Big Sur is still the wild magnificant expanse I remember but very little is left of the rural California along Route 1 I remember in 1974. One tiny stretch remains in and around the town of Guadalupe between San Luis Obispo and Lompoc. Even there are signs of housing subdivisions about to spout.

Roadside motels along Route 1 are still cheap, comfortable and homey. Got a huge room for $59 last night in Santa Cruz. There are still places where bumping into a "Norman Bates" behind the counter remains. Holiday Inns don't ignite my imagination!

On the drive I realized how young and adventurous I was then to pull up stakes in New York and with $3000 in my pocket and no job lined up took off to start a new life in California. I bet the ranch and won. Drove up California just about dead broke to retrace my steps 32 years later as potential presidential candidate.

I'm one of those people who believes in the beauty of my dreams. Almost always gotten what I've gone after. Think I've got a real shot at the White House. Pulled together a volunteer organization of skilled, dedicated people who believe in me and my message. Spent almost nothing, and raised even less, to end up creaming the GOP's annointed potential presidential candidates by taking 52% of the vote in an Iowa straw poll. The party got so freaked out they pulled my name off the poll and reset the count




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