Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First glimmer the GOP is starting to realize only I can save their bacon


"...As if blocking sensible social reform is insufficiently conservative, party leadership is stonewalling potential Presidential candidates calling for change. Dr. Mark Klein, running for the 2008 Republican nomination, has done surprisingly well at state conferences despite a complete absence of political history.

Were Dr. Klein not a virgin barging into a cavernous temple full of narcoleptic mummies, new life and ideas might be breathed into the party, and the disengaged conservative base might have something more useful to do than watching Bill Maher debate the few real Republicans that still have anything worth hearing.

Republicans, understand this: Your situation is now desperate. The motivated male and equalitarian-female majority vote that won past elections is now fully-detached and fervently looking elsewhere. Playing the “war on terror” card is old news and will not carry upcoming elections..."
Meanwhile back in the GOP political cluelessland the Polk County (Des Moines, Iowa) GOP chief Ted Sporer deleted me from his online presidential straw poll. Apparently the party freaked out I got 52% of the vote pressured him to pull the plug. Sporer's explaination on www.therealsporer.blogspot.com:

"Some of you may have noticed a recent upsurge in support for Dr. Mark Klein on the presidential preference poll. It turns out that the Klein votes weren’t a crank Democrat attempt to squirrel the poll but a reflection of a small groundswell of support for that candidate’s position on the importance of fathers in the lives of our children.

The Iowa based “Children Need Both Parents” group found the Real Sporer and expressed their support for Dr. Klein (so I listed him on the poll)...But these Iowa political polls get watched in Washington. Dr. Klein has no chance of securing our nomination. If viewed from the prism of our first in the nation status we felt that resetting the poll would prevent national figures from trivializing the issue of fathers as a statistical quirk of a local blog poll."


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