Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Containment: Worked with the Soviets. Should work with Iran. (Appears next week in the Wash Times).


Radical Islam cannot be bargained with, or appeased. We won the Cold War by waiting out the Soviets with the credible threat if attacked we would destroy their population centers and national infrastructure.

The certainty of national destruction is the only thing fanatical ideological enemies like the Iranians fear. Truman destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to convince Emperor Hirohito to unconditionally surrender his nation and claim to Divinity.

While defending our civilization no matter the cost against Islamo-facism, we must look inward to purge ourselves of the spiritual, moral, economic and political decay which emboldened the Forces of Darkness to challenge the very existence of Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Our mindless pursuit of money and pleasure has almost destroyed stable, affordable middle class family life--the bedrock of true democracy. Vice has become virtue and virtue vice.

Israel is all stands between us and the Forces of Darkness. Unlike the United States and Europe, Israel still believes in its raison d?etre as the Jewish National Home. For America and Europe all we?ve come to stand for is making a buck and living large no matter what the cost to our society, and particularly to our children and grandchildren.

Blessed are people of Israel and its brave soldiers, sailors and airmen who sacrificed themselves unflinchingly in the fight against Hezbollah so that we will have the time to reflect upon our shortcomings and then act to redeem the inherent greatness of Judeo-Christian Civilization.

Believers build and maintain great civilizations.

Hence care not that cynics mock you.


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