Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Populist backlash against the Manchurian Globals.

Recent Latin American elections reflect the growing unhappiness with Manchurian Global globalism.

My Deal Book posting in the New York Times is pertinent.

7/3/06--"Michaels Stores, the nation’s largest arts and crafts retailer, agreed to be sold Friday to a consortium of private equity firms for more than $6 billion..."
Comment by MARK KLEIN, M.D. — July 3, 2006 @ 1:19 pm

With the world awash in rapidly depreciating dollars makes perfect sense private equity funds are gobbling up good companies like Michaels.

We’re rapidly heading into a world controlled by the Manchurian Globals. For them personal thift is their major concern. When the market soared as it did last week with good consumer confidence numbers, meant people took on more debt. This is not the Road to Serfdom Robert Hayek had in mind!

The “leftist” electoral sweeps and the standoff in the Mexican presidential elections reflect a growing repudiation of globalism.

The 2008 American presidential race will be a referendum on globalism and its catatrostrophic effects on the American middle class.

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