Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One of these days we'll lose an American city

NY Times
July 11, 2006

House That Blew Up Was a Dream and Then a Nightmare

The graceful town house on East 62nd Street was more than a home to Nicholas Bartha.

Dr. Bartha, burned and barely conscious, was pulled from the ruins yesterday morning after the house was nearly leveled by a gas explosion, raining bricks on one of the city’s wealthiest streets and sending up thick columns of black smoke. Even before the fires were extinguished, police began focusing on Dr. Bartha as the most likely person to have caused the blast...Dr. Bartha, 66, was embroiled in a marital split that by all accounts was no ordinary divorce. But he would have done anything to keep that house, including stay married, his lawyer said...a court ruled that his wife deserved a share of the building.. in April he was ordered to sell it so he could pay his wife more than $4 million. In court papers, she said he had repeatedly vowed in ominous tones that he would die in that house and that she would never get it...Now there is no house.
The divorce situation is so out of hand the result of federal policy incentivizing family breakdown one of these days an unwilling victim with sufficient scientific and/or military training will take revenge by destroying an American city with a WMD.

We've already experienced public revenge terrorism for divorce. Last year's Los Angeles train derailment which killed about 10 people and causes millions in property was committed by a distraught young man deprived of his children, and financially ruined in a divorce action.

To reduce the divorce rate best approach is to remove the incentives--MONEY, REVENGE AND GETTING THE CHILDREN!

A Klein Administration would set as conditions for states to receive federal family programs the enactment of:

Rebuttable presumption of joint physical custody in a divorce action.

Recipients of child support shall file periodic reports supported by documentation showing how the money was used for the direct benefit of the child .

Order the Attorney General to prosecute as a Civil Rights felony knowingly filing false charges of domestic violence or child abuse resulting in someone's incarceration without a full due process trial.


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