Monday, July 10, 2006

End of polygamy=men's liberation!!!!

NY Times today--Aga Mehmet Arslan, a Kurdish village chieftain in Turkey, in front of one of his five houses in Isiklar, Turkey, one house for each of his five wives. If he had to do it over, he said, he would marry only one woman.

With his 5 wives, 55 children and 80 grandchildren, 400 sheep, 1,200 acres of land and a small army of servants, Aga Mehmet Arslan would seem an unlikely defender of monogamy.

Yet if he were young again, said Mr. Arslan, a sprightly, potbellied, 64-year-old Kurdish village chieftain, he would happily trade in his five wives for one...(and) "I wouldn't do it again" listing the challenges of having so many kin — like the need to build each wife a house away from the others to prevent friction and his struggle to remember all of his children's names...

"I have done nothing shameful," he said. "I don't drink. I treat everyone with respect. But having so many wives can create problems."

His biggest headache, he said, stems from jealousy among the wives, the first of whom he married out of love. "My rule is to behave equally toward all of my wives," he said. "But the first wife was very, very jealous when the second wife came. When the third arrived, the first two created an alliance against her. So I have to be a good diplomat." (No kidding!!)
The 1000 year ban forbidding Askenazi (European) Jewish polygamy recently expired. Not only has there not been a rush to resume the practice, we barely can get our boys and girls to marry each other. The answer to the child's question how mom and dad would feel about marrying outside the faith is saying first bring home someone of the opposite sex.


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