Monday, July 24, 2006

At the crossroads for the future of our civilization

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 08:51:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: "MARK KLEIN, M.D."
Subject: Please pass the below on to Morton Blackwell and the staff.
To: Nan Swift

Below is the 21st century politics of the ether. I became a credible contender with a nationwide volunteer staff with almost no earned media.

Spent a lot of time talking with your housekeeping and security staffers. If we deliver a PRACTICAL family friendly message, the conservatives could really GOVERN for the first time.

Had a great time and learned alot. You run a class act program!!!!


(New York Times Empire Zone Blog today)

10:06 am
The Morning Buzz
Categories: General, Tom Suozzi, Governor's Race, Connecticut Senate Race, Joseph Lieberman, Ned Lamont

With two weeks until primary day, both Senator Joe Lieberman and his challenger, Ned Lamont, are calling in the big guns for campaign-trail help this week. Mr. Lieberman, being an 18-incumbent and former vice-presidential nominee, has perhaps the biggest and shiniest gun of all: Former President Bill Clinton, still enormously popular with rank-and-file Democrats, will swing through the state today to campaign for Mr. Lieberman...

Nicholas, thanks for the Star Trek reference on a depressing Monday morning, it made me smile.
Comment by EnWhySeaWonk — July 24, 2006 @ 10:14 am

The Jewish community needs a strong, proven friend like Senator Lieberman in this perilous hour with Israel at war, and Hizbollah threatening to unleash pogroms against us around the globe.
Comment by MARK KLEIN, M.D. — July 24, 2006 @ 10:52 am

Maxine Waters vs. Bill Clinton? I think I know who my money is on. Is there any possible worse time to be antiwar than right now? LaMont has as much a chance of winning the nomination as Suozzi…
Anyone in CT that doesn’t want their neighboring state of NY to turn into northern Israel would be wise to support the more experienced and hawkish Lieberman. Now is not the time to go soft on terrorism.
Comment by New York Hotlist — July 24, 2006 @ 11:17 am

I believe the future of Western Civilization is on the line in this fight with Hizbollah.

The “Hizbollahs” of this world are watching to see if we have the stomach to fight effectively. That means we must scrap late 20th century rules of war which tie our hands.

Had Lincoln and FDR fought under today’s rules slavery would exist, the United States wouldn’t and the Nazis and Japanese Imperialists would control the world.

My pregnant daughter, her two young children and rabbi husband fled Safed for relative safety in Jerusalem are proof there are no civilians in 21st century asymmetric war.
Comment by MARK KLEIN, M.D. — July 24, 2006 @ 11:42 am


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