Monday, June 19, 2006

Next week's Wash Times ad

Retail politics Iowa style is fun but time consuming. After the convention Saturday, met with local activists and was the honored guest at Sunday services at an important local church. Got a warm welcome. Later on Sunday drove to Cedar Rapids via secondary roads to get a sense of the real Iowa. Today instead of driving straight from Des Moines to Omaha to get my flight home drove to northern Iowa. Stopped a local newspaper near the Minnesota line. Had a very interesting chat with the publisher of this small circulation paper (1500) serving 4 nearby towns.

Very hospitable and clearly interested in my message gave me some important information which will significantly enhance my ability to effectively campaign in Iowa. Things will really get rolling after the November elections. Got additional good advice from some folks at Iowa State University at Ames today.

Also met today with the Iowa GOP staff chief to learn the nuts and bolts of actually entering the 2008 caucus race. Really very grassroots so anyone can give it a shot. Think my prospects are excellent.

Doors are starting to open up to me.

A very long day. Spending the night in Souix Falls, SD before driving tomorrow to Omaha to catch my flight. My stamina, energy and enthusiasm are amazing for a man my age.

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