Monday, June 26, 2006

My campaign issues are getting heard!

Above--Patrick Nicolosi says he is fighting to save a way of life. This is the kind of Long Island neighborhood I lived in growing up in the 1950s.)

(NY Times today)

ELMONT, N.Y. — The streets where Patrick Nicolosi sees America unraveling still have the look of the 1950's. Single-family homes sit side by side, their lawns weed-whacked into submission to the same suburban dream that Mr. Nicolosi's Italian-American parents embraced 40 years ago when they moved to this working-class community on Long Island.

But when a school bus stops at the white Cape Cod opposite his house, two children seem to pop up from beneath the earth. Emerging from an illegal basement apartment that successive homeowners have rented to a Mexican family of illegal immigrants, they head off to another day of public schooling at taxpayer expense.

This is a neighborhood in the twilight zone of illegal immigration, and wherever Mr. Nicolosi looks, the hidden costs of cheap labor hit home....
Such an article would have never appeared in the NY Times had I not been hammering that issue home to the administration and the GOP in my Washington Times adverts and face to face at party meetings.

Got a report yesterday from my DC operative he's gotten warm receptions at senate offices over our family policy issues every since we got in the party's face about them at the Texas and Iowa GOP conventions in June.

Think the strategy to get rid of Dr. Klein and his Sam's Club Republicans is to give us what we want before the primary season begins. They know I've got a real organization on the ground in Iowa already. Given the grass roots nature of the Iowa caucuses, and positive personal response I got from delegates in Des Moines, I could upset the political applecart in 2008.

More than anything the powers-that-be know Dr. Klein is for REAL.

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