Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Low cost solutions to the obesity driven diabetes epidemic

Because the onset of adult diabetes is silent people usually learn they have it when it's too late to reverse the disease. The key to prevention is to catch impaired glucose metabolism early.

I think all overweight adults should test their blood sugar every morning before eating. Very inexpensive to do. Meters like the Freestyle above cost about $60. Test strips are about $1 each and the needle about a dime apiece. The test is completely painless because the drop of blood required is taken in the forearm.

People who do this will quickly notice blood sugar often reflects the caloric intake from the day before. The information becomes self enforcing. Motivated people will start adjusting their diets to get better results. In time diabetes rates will significantly decline.

The cost savings are so potentially massive private insurers would likely cover testing supplies.

I know this works because that's how I avoided getting adult onset diabetes.

About 18 months ago my blood sugar was slightly elevated but not yet at diabetic levels. Carry the gene for Type II. Assiduously followed my doctor's advice by losing weight, excercising and changing my dietary habits.

Also tested my blood sugar every morning. Really helped keep me track. Still do it daily as safeguard. Better to be safe than sorry. Over the past year since my weight returned to normal, average weekly blood sugars which are well within normal limits are declining.

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