Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kow towing to the Lilliputians

JERUSALEM, June 27 — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today urged Israel to give diplomacy more time in an effort to win the release of a kidnapped Israeli soldier in the Gaza strip. Meanwhile, at the order of the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, his security services worked to find the soldier before the Israeli troops and tanks massed on the border took action.

Condi Rice's "talk therapy" approach to bad apples like Iran, North Korea and Hamas is a total bust. Everybody from here to Timbuktu knows what passes for a foreign policy is winning the domestic news cycle to look good in the polls.

International law shouldn't be an excuse for national suicide. Better believe if I make the White House EVERY international law agreement we currently follow will be evaluated to relevance and effectively in the real world of 21st century asymmetric war.

Moreover, I will not let an American city be destroyed by a WMD because all we can do is Mirandize terror suspects. We should to empower the special federal courts dealing with national security matters to issue intensive interrogation warrants when we appear to be holding someone we believe in good faith knows of an impending attack.

My posting in today's Jerusalem Post.


21st century asymmetric war cannot be successfully fought under late 20th century rules of war designed for conflicts between nation states. Collective punishment of the "civilian" population harboring and supporting terrorists must be allowed.

In the current situation Israel should immediately cut off power, water and all trade with Gaza.

I agree with Caroline Glick the government is basically blowing public relations smoke.

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