Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting on the national political map in Iowa

C-Span interview
With Senator Grassley
With Senator Brownback

Published today in the Iowa State University student paper.

Presidential hopeful sits down with the Daily
Dr. Mark Klein is not your typical Republican presidential candidate. He does not have a public relations department, he does not have an interview coach and most people would say he does not have a chance. But Klein thinks they would be wrong. As many presidential candidates do, Klein has started his campaign in Iowa. [read full article]

IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? Dr. Mark I. Klein attended Saturday's convention and Friday's picnic. He told anyone who would listen that he feels it is time for a change in this country. The California doctor is considering making his first run at political office -- and he's setting his sights high, aiming for the White House. Klein's exploratory committee volunteers and staff handed out brochures and lapel stickers to attendees at the picnic and convention. "I am testing the waters because I think this country is a little nuts," Klein said.

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