Sunday, June 11, 2006

Do really SMART people attend Harvard Business School?

(Above chart--HBS median starting salaries for new grads.)

HBS tuition and living expenses have more than doubled over the past decade while the buying power of graduates' starting salaries have more than halved when denominated in housing price dollars. In practical terms a $100,000 salary before taxes in New York City, Boston, LA and the San Francisco would leave barely enough to rent a so-so 1 bedroom apartment.

This is why I'm skeptical high SAT and GRE scores measure anything about the capacity for critical thinking. I suspect they measure quite the reverse. High scorers are mostly those with finely honed skills to learn and identify with the received wisdom of the day.

Such folks end up staffing the grim dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy then get seriously bent out of shape by people like me.

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