Saturday, May 27, 2006

Staying healthy as a senior

(above--Merck's newly approved shingles vaccine. A major advance in geriatric medicine.)

Maintaining good health is mostly the result of taking advantage of all that modern medicine and dentistry have to offer. Will get the shingles vaccine as soon as my doctor gets it. The cost should be covered by my Medicare Part B supplement. Even if it wasn't, not spend a $100-150 to prevent an extremely painful, chronic debilitating disease which spoils the quality of life?

Top flight restorative dentistry isn't expensive when compared to the luxuries people have come to expect. For the cost of a weekend in Las Vegas recently got bone grafts to save a molar and an incisor. Both grafts took raising the odds to close to 100% I'll be eating steak until I croak.

Good habits also make a big difference. Don't gamble, rarely drink and never take illegal drugs. Very careful to maintain a normal weight and because of a family history of adult onset diabetes check my blood sugar daily. My sugars are normal but the onset of diabetes is silent. There's a lot that can be done to prevent the onset of adult onset diabetes if deterioration in glucose metabolism is caught early. Most importantly I take prescribed medicines as directed and get regular checkups.

Taking personal responsibility is the key to success in most things in life.

If in the White House, I'll set a good personal example about health maintenance which should inspire many to follow to follow my lead. Were that to happen we could achieve enormous cost savings at no cost to taxpayers.

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