Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Selling out our future

(Illegals demonstrating a few week's ago for the right to destroy our children's futures.)

Beats me how my children's and grandchildren's generations will have affordable housing, and those unable to get high level professional jobs make middle class wages competing against illegal aliens consuming the lower end of the rental housing stock and willing to work off the books for peanuts.

Yesterday lunched with a school librarian. A woman in her 30s told me she lives like a "college student". Unable to afford her own apartment in the Oakland area, she has three roommates. A generation ago she'd likely be married, have 2-3 children, and own a pleasant suburban home.

Decided to run for the White House as America's SAM'S CLUB REPUBLICAN. As 21st campaigns are waged mostly in the ether I reserved, etc.. Until I get them up and running trying now to link the sites to my regular website

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