Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our last chance to help our children

I am cautiously optimistic Henry Paulson is the right person for the Treasury at this time. Very hard to conceive a man of his age, sterling success and personal interests would see the job as anything but a personal sacrifice made in later in life to serve our beloved country in her hour of greatest need.

A member of my generation, when we’re gone, there will be no one left with a living memory of an America in which common sense and reasonable self restraint still had social currency.

In the Seder the reader explains the Exodus to the child who does not know what to ask. Hopefully Paulson will explain as he resets Treasury policy to the Boomers and their decendants financial profligacy will destroy America.

America today reminds me of the matriarch in the The Cherry Orchard who squandered the family fortune by gambling.

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