Saturday, May 20, 2006

DaVinci Code--The skinny on Jesus.

Just another oppression of women story. All the ills of 2000 years of Western Civilization are pinned on the evil men who hijacked Mary Magdelene's message by claiming Jesus devine.

In the above photo a sexually tormented monk into hardcore self flagellation attempts to kill Jesus' last living decendant. The underlying message: The all male Catholic clergy should be required to register as potential sex offenders capable of anything including Deicide.

Beats me why Christians, particularly Catholics, allow their Faith to be so vilified. Would be social, economic and economic curtains for a movie company to degrade Judaism, Islam or homesexuality as done here with the Jesus story.

The production values and acting are poor. Tom Hanks isn't a convincing Harvard professor. More in his element playing middle brow folks like heroic army captains and Fedex drivers.

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