Thursday, May 04, 2006

Addicted to war

(Haaretz today) Shmuel Rosner: Iran and the Democrats: Does it feel safe?

Rosner reports the Democrats have gone hawkish on Iran. In sum they can't look like national security softies.

My Talkback:

America needs a new foreign policy agenda
Mark Klein, M.D.

The only foreign policy difference between the GOP and Democrats are the favored targets for the next new war. War distracts the folks from the real problem facing Americans--the collapse of stable, affordable middle class life. America`s war policy is an obvious bust.

Iraq is latest chapter of our first failed foray into global foreign meddling--World War I. We`re trying to stitch back together a "country" with no natural basis for existance. The British created it out of the ruins of Ottoman Mesopotamia. It`s so inherently unstable governing it requires hardball tyrants like Saddam to keep the lid on.

The way out of this mishugas* is to sharply shrink the size of our military so that we have strategic capacity to defeat REAL enemies but have no excess capacity to enable K Street fixers or a "William Randolph Hearst" to cook up conflicts to drag us into unnecessary wars.Actually we have no real enemies except the ones we create by meddling.

*Yiddish for crazy

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