Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We'll have to do more to protect women and children

(NY Times photo--prostitutes attending an income tax preparation seminar)

An Old Profession That's New to Doing Taxes

Published: April 5, 2006

...(L)ast Thursday night at an unusual tax workshop (was) held at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center on West 13th Street. As at other tax workshops being held these days leading up to the mid-April filing deadline, there were workers on hand to explain things like the earned-income-tax credit. And yes, there were computers providing information about children as deductions...The event was organized by a group called Prostitutes of New York, a support and advocacy group, and by a sex industry magazine called Spread...Members of the group helped Ms. Patterson and other sex workers — including pornography actors, strippers, nude models, peep show performers, phone sex workers and madams — who want to begin filing tax returns...most of the working-girl clichés — either the glamorized glitz of the high-priced call girl or the depraved danger of the strung-out street walker — applied to only a minority of prostitutes...(one woman said) "Most of them are supporting children or paying rent and college loans, things like that...A lot of prostitutes are making just enough to get by and can qualify for certain tax credits..."
With the collapse of marriage the income of prostitutes collapsed as well as more and more women flood the profession to earn a living. Very likely getting the earned income tax credit check rather than civic virtue is what's behind their sudden interest in filing tax returns.

This story follows on the heels of a report from Germany last week many prostitutes are retraining as nurses aides as earning from sex work dramatically fell in response to intense competition.

Hence I'm not surprised by the appearance of stories about polygamy.

Feminism will join Prohibition in the ash heap social experiments gone totally awry.

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