Thursday, April 06, 2006

We can be real smart when we put our mind to it

NY Times today:
WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Only two years ago, Canadian online pharmacies were an emerging David thrashing at the multinational pharmaceutical Goliath, strengthened by soaring sales in the United States that ignited a lasting debate over high medicine prices. Now, just as quickly as it rose, the industry has been swamped by problems that have cut into sales and forced many of the smaller online pharmacies out of business.
We killed more than 2 birds with one stone with the Part D Medicare drug program. In addition to providing affordable drugs to seniors we encourage doctors to use more generic drugs, strengthened our pharmaceutical industry, and enhanced consumer safety by discouraging the purchase of potentially dangerous imported drugs.

Part D is a real bargain for seniors. Excellent coverage is available for about $30 per month. Copays are very modest for the most commonly used generics seniors use, e.g. heart medicines, etc.

Seniors who purchase a good Part B Medicare supplement and Part D and are sensible about diet, excercise, following doctors' orders and getting regular checkups have excellent chances to live extended, enjoyable lives.

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