Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Watch out, President Bush. You could find yourself in the defendant's dock.

(today's Haaretz)

U.K. coroner recommends war crimes charges for IDF soldiers
By Associated Press

A U.K. coroner said on Monday that he would recommend that the British attorney general seek legal action over the deaths of two pro-Palestinian activists killed by Israel Defense Forces fire in 2003.The statements came after a British inquest jury ruled that Tom Hurndall was unlawfully killed by an IDF soldier in the Gaza Strip. It was the second time in two weeks that a British coroner's court had ruled that a U.K. citizen shot by Israeli soldiers in 2003 was unlawfully killed. (The soldiers were cleared of charges of wrongdoing. My posted comment below.)

Reform of international law

Mark Klein, M.D.

The top foreign policy & military doctrine item in a Klein Administration will a complete reappraisal of America`s participation in international law treaties from the perspective of their continued relevance to the realities of 21st century asymmetric war.

America also faces the same kind of problems the Israeli militay has with the UK. Spain indicted several American army officers over a journalist`s death from friendly fire. The officers were cleared of wrong doing by our investigators. America and Israel are trapped in unwinnable "Viet Nam" scenarios because they cannot under current international law inflict intention harm on hostile civilian populations.

The Nazis and the Japanese imperialists would still be with us had not America and the allies incinerated their cities and industrial infrastucture.

International law is not a suicide pact.

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