Saturday, April 08, 2006

War with Iran to distract the folks from Bush's drubbing over the immigration bill?

One day after Bush's resounding defeat in the senate over the immigration bill the news is filled with saber rattling stories about Iran. Below my posting in today's Haaretz.

Simply insane to attack Iran

Mark Klein, M.D.

America`s foreign policy is utterly bankrupt. We`ve become addicted to hopeless "Viet Nam" types wars like Iraq. Lucky for us South Vietnam capitulated. Otherwise, we`d still be there.

Tell me about "regime change" (as a goal in Iran). In Viet Nam we played musicial chairs rotating in and then out Saigon governments we thought could win "hearts and minds". We`re doing the same thing now in Iraq with same disasterous results.

Iran`s in a dither because Iraq is crumbling. They fear an expansionist, resurgent Sunni Iraq will emerge out of the ashes of the catastrophe we created. Wouldn`t surprise me to see Saddam return to power in an independent Sunni state when the fictional Iraqi state we`re trying to cobble together fails.

What on earth to they teach in the history and polical science departments at Yale? Attending Yale should be an automatic disqualification for the White House!

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