Saturday, April 29, 2006

Playing the fool again.

Once again war drums from Washington and Jerusalem.

Haaretz Service today:

Olmert: Ahmadinejad is 'psychopath' who 'speaks like Hitler'


Let`s not play the fool again.
Mark Klein, M.D.

Unless Iran intends to commit national suicide in the its zeal to try to destroy Israel, its nuclear weapons are unusable. A small number of low yield weapons are no match for the potential size and scope of American and Israeli nuclear retaliatory capacities.

The inherent risk of relentless saber rattling against Iran is triggering a suicidal preemptive missile strike against Israel, American bases in the ME, and Western Europe.

Ahmadinejad isn`t a `psychopath`. He`s an inexperienced national leader with a restive population beset with severe economic problems. ME leaders use Jew-baiting to keep the lid on and buy time.

He is like Hitler in that once backed into a corner, only heaven knows what he`s capable of. Relentless anti-Nazi propaganda and economic boycotts in the early 1930s so poisoned an already bad situation the Nazis felt they had nothing left to lose by destroying the German Jewish community followed by going to war.

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