Sunday, April 16, 2006

New Yorkers are total suckers for hidden taxes sold as social policy

This fellow risks a $50 fine. Consider he paid $2 to ride the subway but has no room for his legs. He risks a blood clot to his lungs should he squeeze his legs between the seats on a long subway ride which might be the case here because it's an hour plus on the subway from Manhattan to Coney Island.

Crap like this was a secondary reason I left New York for California 30 plus years ago. What I hated the most was alternate side of the street parking which guaranteed New Yorkers without garage space except on Sundays and holidays couldn't sleep late. If memory serves, you had to move your car to the other side of the street by 7 am or face a $100 fine. Denominated in 1970s' housing dollars that's about $2000 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woody Allen might have developed an entirely different neurosis had he not grownup in New York's caged-hamster-running-on-a-wheel-24/7 environment.

New York parking is such a horror we joked in medical school we became physicians to qualify for M.D. license plates which provided special street parking privileges. Still remember mine: 344MD9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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