Friday, April 07, 2006

The middle class is fed up with paying the price for illegal immigration

(This week's Washington Times advertisement.)

From the newswire today:

WASHINGTON, April 7 — A carefully constructed compromise on immigration ran into a roadblock in the Senate today as Democrats fended off conservative Republican efforts to amend the agreement and an effort to cut off debate on elements of the plan failed by a lopsided vote..."Politics (what the voters want!!!!) got ahead of policy (what the insiders want!!!) on this," lamented Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

PARIS April 7- France's ruling conservatives were set on Friday to outline possible steps to end a confrontation over a youth labor law that has sparked calls for Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin to step down. Some senior conservatives have mooted suspending the "easy hire, easy fire" contract for up to six months to give time to find an alternative. But unions, bolstered by mass street protests, are still insisting it be withdrawn outright.

Before any tinkering the system past strict enforcement of current law, and improvement border security, I will seek an IMMIGRATION COMMUNITY IMPACT LAW which will

1-Determine immigration levels based upon its impact on community resources so property taxpayers don't end up paying the freight for newcomers. Immigration is a LOCAL issue.

2- For most immigrants to qualify they will have to agree to live in a particular community for a fixed period of time. Communities seeking immigrants would apply to the government for consideration. Every effort would be made to encourage a local vote by residents to approve the plan.

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