Friday, April 14, 2006

International law is not a suicide pact

By Amos Harel and Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies:

Qassam hit sports stadium in south, causing damage but no injuries

(My published reply)

International law reform is the answer

Mark Klein, M.D.

21st century asymmetric war cannot be won using outdated international law predicated on conflicts between nation states.Escapes me how absent the right to inflict harsh reprisals on enemy civilians supporting terrorists security can be achieved. The Nazis and Japanese imperialism would still be with us had allies not incinerated their cities with round the clock bombing raids.

If I make the White House in 2008, my #1 foreign policy-military doctrine item will be revisiting America`s international law comittments. I`ll demand modification, or if necessary withdraw America, from treaties which tie our hands to definitively crush the enemy. Otherwise we end up in "Viet Nams" like Iraq.

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(later added the below online comment)

It is in America`s best national security interests to revisit today`s laws of war for continued relevance for the effective prosecution of 21st century symmetric war.

Israel`s problem with the Palestinians is the exemplar of what`s wrong with them. Simply irrational, and perhaps suicidal, to exempt the Palestinian population supporting terrorism from severe reprisals. Makes no sense Israel cannot destroy, or evacuate enemy areas, from which missiles are launched.

For democratic nations today`s laws of war could be suicide pacts. Israel`s friends in Washington should begin the discussion of getting America`s opinion and policy makers to see these outdated sacred cows for what they are. Getting this started would be an important policy bridge to link up with the next administration (hopefully mine!!).

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