Sunday, April 02, 2006

Government can't even set the right time of day

"When the children are asleep and lights are low..." (from the musical "Oklahoma")

Under a recent bill daylight savings time will go to November 30 from October 31 to conserve fuel.

But at what price? In large swatches of the nation children will stand in darkness, often alone, on dangerous city streets and country roads awaiting the school bus. Today's very busy working moms and dads will have even less private time for each other now because children will stay up later.

In a real emergency extended daylight savings time can be critical. In Israel's War for Independence in 1948 the country went to double daylight savings time to conserve its tiny, precious fuel supply.

Simply insane to increase the pressures on today's beleaguered American family for the sake of shaving a few pennies off the national energy bill.

Are there any grownups living INSIDE the Beltway?

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