Saturday, April 22, 2006

Globalization is poison for ordinary people

AP story today: "Beijing's mayor has called for a speeding up of the demolition of impoverished neighborhoods in China's capital as part of preparations for the 2008 Olympics, the state-run Beijing Daily reported Saturday. On a tour of one area in the process of being razed Friday, Mayor Wang Qishan told officials and construction workers that demolishing the dilapidated neighborhoods is an essential task this year and that the work must be accelerated, the newspaper said...."This work is full of significance in strengthening the environment, building a livable city and realizing the strategic plan of a 'New Beijing, Great Olympics,' the newspaper quoted Wang as saying.

Translation: Enriching property speculators at the expense of the working poor.

The Chinese are planting the seeds for a very violent nationwide uncoordinated civil insurrection. Would just take a single out of control incident resulting in the death of protestors to set it off. No way the authorities would ever get that genie back in the bottle.

A minor traffic accident involving an Israeli army vehicle in the occupied territories about 30 years ago triggered the Palestinian Intifada. Been downhill ever since. The Intifada started with stone throwing and ended with Hamas coming to power at the ballot box.

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