Thursday, March 30, 2006

Real democracy for the Islamic & 3rd World--NEVER

New installed Hamas Palestinian PM Haniyah

From today's Haaretz

The West`s "Soviet" attitude about democracy

Mark Klein, M.D.

The West is all for clean and free elections in the Islamic and 3rd World so long as their choices win. They`re bent of shape when the folks choose someone else such as in Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Iraq, Iran, and now Palestine.

This has personal meaning for me because I attended at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference earlier this month in Memphis. "Testing the Waters" for a White House race in 2008 asked to placed on straw poll ballot. Refused I placed 9th of 17 as a write in beating names like Guiliani, Brownback and Hagel.

My results were listed as "Other"!!!!!!!!!!

(Published responses to comments to the above by Haaretz readers.)

Ian-- I`m not saying the West has to fund Hamas should it continue terror.On the other hand it makes no sense to withhold aid should Hamas end terrorism. Deeds speak louder than words.

The West`s demands amount to political suicide for Hamas. Their consitutency won`t sit still for Hamas walking away from its political rhetoric in exchange for little more than a White House dinner and a night`s sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom.If I make the White House, I could ensure Israel`s future security, and end the War on Terror, by showing the Islamic world real respect.

Our problems with the Islamic world largely turn on trying to impose on them western political feminism. Don`t blame them for rejecting it. 40 years of political feminism destroyed the family in the West. For the average Muslim man-in-the-street seeing the distainful way our women treat us is enough to turn them into terrorists and suicide bombers!

They don`t want Dominatrix Government.

Hettie--The problem isn`t capitalism per se but rather the unintended consequences of globalization. I supported the concept but now that I see the damage its caused, I`m firmly opposed to it. I want America to revisit its trade agreements.

The issue is personal. Now 65 with four young adult children, including a child who made aliyah and served in the IDF, I believe globalization undermines their chances to live an affordable, stable middle class life. My dad was a butcher who left school at 12 in the Great Depression. On a modest income we owned a home on Long Island, my mom stayed home to raise 3 children, and I financed a medical education with scholarships and minimum wage jobs.

The export of jobs and economic opportunities have turned enjoying a comfortable middle class lifestyle into a pipedream. It won`t be business as usual in KLEIN ADMINISTRATION.

Ian--No doubt the message from the West to Hamas is it must play by rules to get any help. Long overdue to demand the Palestinians behave like grownups. Heretofore we were more like the enabling wives and mothers of alcoholics, drug addicts and habitual gamblers to the Palestinians.

Terry--I would have approached the Nazis much like I`m doing with Hamas. Nothing`s easier than riding a moral hobby horse. Critical to recognise the underlying reasons why a radical political movement winds up in power at the ballot box.

The political blindspot of the West`s governng elites is absent some overriding romantic attachment they reflexively despise the lower middle classes.With more perceptive Western leadership Hitler could have been handled. I believe the war and Holocaust could have been avoided.

For good reason I trademarked my campaign slogan: The National Shrink.

Fan Mail!!

Vote for Klein!
Joel, NY

Your posts are insightful and humorous! You make much more sense than the reactionary people here (and in Israel) who speak in simplistic platitudes and hyperbole. I for one will vote for you! :)

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