Friday, March 10, 2006

Out in force today

Conference formally opens today.

Our booth was clearly the most visited yesterday. Very good response by most.

Doing a 7 minute uninterrupted live segment on one of the main Memphis t.v. stations this morning.

Fox and MSNBC are here. We'll be working hard to get on.

Have enough troops to potentially make personal contact with every delegate. Told my guys and gals to make our pitch to anybody wearing a delegate or media badge.


Dear Fellow Republican:

I urge you to cast your straw poll ballot for me on the WRITE IN line.

I wouldn’t make the effort to “test the waters” for the 2008 presidential nomination if I didn’t think only a genuine political outsider with a new message could save the party’s bacon.

Without the new constituencies I bring to the table the GOP simply doesn’t have chance. Hate to say it out loud but this administration turned out to be a complete disaster.

The above notwithstanding voting for me sends the party leadership the unmistakable message we’ve got lots of unhappy campers.

I’m available to talk with you. Staying at the Hampton on Peabody Place. Leaving early Sunday afternoon.

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