Friday, March 17, 2006

Our problems with the Islamic world are all about women

New York Times, March 17, 2006

Diplomatic Memo: Democracy Push by Bush Attracts Doubters in Party

Some Republicans say that the emphasis on promoting democracy has come at the expense of protecting other U.S. interests.
Islam looks at the way our women treat men and says no thanks to Condi Rice's version of democracy!

In today's Haaretz in response to criticism of Israel's Washington lobbyists.

Beware of getting what you wish for.

Mark Klein, M.D.

Justified or not Israel might end up the scapegoat for the Bush`s totally failed neoconservative foreign policy agenda.

Was thinking when reading the Megilla on Purim nothing changes in the ME. King Achashveirosh`s advisors tell him to take strong action against Vasti for dissing him lest women in his empire lose respect for their men.

Our problems with the Islamic world boil down to sex. Islam looks at the way our women treat men and say no thanks to Condi Rice`s version of democracy. They`d rather blow themselves up than submit to the anti-male, anti-father tyranny that is western political feminism!

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