Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My friend Uncle Scrooge

One reason we get such terrible presidents is they start out "testing the waters" for potential contributions rather seeing if their message is any good. They've sold their souls from the get go.

When I got up one morning several months ago and decided to run for president, I did the opposite. The motto of the world I grew up in was "I can get it for you wholesale". Figured if my message was any good people would volunteer to flock to my banner.

For less than $15,000 put together a nationwide volunteer organization strong enough to form the largest delegation at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Mine is at least twice as big the "Draft Condi Rice" folks. Her booth and mine are adjacent.

Goal is to win, or make a very strong showing the straw poll against the GOP's annointeds like John McCain and Mike Huckabee. The GOP refused to put my name on the ballot, but agreed to add a write in line.

Been my experience in life money chases me. Hence all the more reason to concentrate on my message while I strengthen my organization.

The SHOW begins tomorrow morning.

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