Monday, March 20, 2006

Iraq and contemporary marriage are for losers (next week's Wash Times ad)

Recent mail:

...People ask me why I don't get a new girlfriend, and my answer is I can't afford one both financially and emotionally. My children are left with little for me to provide for them when with me. Imagine another relationship that goes sour. Imagine if the new woman leaves with another child? I am not stupid, not twice - and until I am treated as an equal in a realationship in the eyes of the law - society - and the relationship itself, I am better off putting up a barbed wire fence around myself from any relationship. I don't need it and my children don't either - not yet.

Sadly, this is what many or most men that have been through this feel, and society is worse off for the division. The State loves it as there is extra cash coming in and the dependency on them is greater which equals greater power to them. This is partly the reason Governments resist what they know is right. Why would they want to stop the gravy train?

We need to stop it!
Also, it would be refreshing for our country to see someone from the masses - a "non-career" politician such as yourself, become President. I'm tired of these politically groomed, slick talking, out of touch, "greased", appointed heads of state. I'm all for a brilliant professional like you who has universal relation skills. You know and understand the plight of the common man and see through the bs of the "elite." You have good balance. Jeffery

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