Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm an official old guy

My Medicare coverage became active yesterday.

For seniors conscientious about their health care the program is excellent. I'm very impressed by the range of preventitive services covered. For example, it covers the routine colonscopic exam later this month. Shouldn't have any out-of-pocket because I have supplemental coverage for the deductibles.

I bought AARP's best plan. My research indicated it offered the broadest benefits at the least cost.

The first Medicare bill was still in Congress when I applied to medical school in 1963. The interviewer at the University of Pittsburg solicited my opinion about it. Told him I thought lack of money for adequate care was a factor in my late grandmother's multiple amputations the result of severe, poorly managed Type II diabetes.

43 years ago? Seems like only yesterday!

(Got into Pitt. First acceptance so I knew no matter what I was going to medical school.)

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