Sunday, March 12, 2006

GOP's political Katrina

I'm the only one left standing following yesterday's straw poll.

Frist's victory was no victory at all. He packed the meeting with Tennessee Republicans but only got a bare majority of their votes. He might have not even gotten that without his family's votes. The National Journal which conducted the poll listed their names.

Mitt Romney's vote was bought. He paid the expenses for number of Boston area students on spring break to attend. He put them up at the expensive hotel where I stayed. The kids partied hard on Beale Street suggesting Mitt slipped them plenty of spending money.

Loyal to their benefactor many promised to vote for me as their 2nd choice! When the final tally comes in, I'll know for sure they did that. I did 16 Frist voters to make me their second.

McCain and Huckabee are toast. Both barely bested me. Had I not been a write in, and not facing the Bush write in diversion tactic, might have beaten them outright. In fact absent those factors I would have come in a strong 2nd against Frist.

Does the GOP yet realize Klein's Army just pulled off a bloodless coup?

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