Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolff?

photo--New Palestinian Authority PM Haniya with newly elected parliamentary members. Note the woman to his left wears western clothes without a head covering. Also no one is wearing traditional Arab dress.

The future lies in what Hamas actually does once in power. My guess is quiet on the ground with the airwaves filled with threats and insults. Bet many readers get that all the time from the ex and/or current spouse. For the sake of the children you put up with it rather than wreck everything by walking out, injuring the offending spouse or taking out your anger on the children.

Israel and the Palestinians are locked into a terrible marriage far worse than the one in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff". Divorce and murder usually make things worse. That's why there are legal separations. For Israel and the Palestinians that means an impenetrable security fence along the Gaza frontier and through the West Bank.

The Jerusalem Post published my comment re the Hamas decision not to reopen the casino in Jericho before closed in the Intifada was heavily patronized by Israeli gamblers.

Hamas is getting off on the right foot.
MARK KLEIN, M.D. - USA 02/19/2006 08:47

Casino gambling is a scourge on the community and family life. I applaud Hamas' action. A sign we're dealing with people with common sense. So long as Hamas honors a ceasefire, true friends of Israel like me will push for better things for the Palestinians. Israel should judge Hamas by its actions not its rhetoric.

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