Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time for international political psychotherapy.

(From Israel's Haaretz newspaper today.)

The West`s addiction to wishful thinking
Mark Klein, M.D.

I can`t think of a better administrator than Hamas for international aid.

With a genuine electoral mandate, and a reputation for fiscal honestly, who else can do the job to improve the day to day lives of Palestinians? They voted for better lives not endless war with Israel.The West`s addiction to yesterday`s ideas, combined with a breathtaking self-righteous smugness, it simply doesn`t see this once in a lifetime chance to start on the road to real peace.

Suicidal for Hamas to disarm now. Palestinian society is composed of heavily armed extended family clans, thugs, and private armies. A disarmed Hamas couldn`t defend itself against the likes of Islamic Jihad, Fatah, etc.So long as Hamas doesn`t attack Israel, and curbs terror by others, it should take power immediately.

Only Hamas has the political clout to sell a final settlement should a Palestinian "Sharon" emerge.

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