Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This kind of grassroots support why I think I can take the White House

(My team at the Republcan National Committee in 11/05. Left to right--Tony Taylor, Joe Carruba, Nancy Dellinger(RNC), Carol Carpec, Mark Klein, M.D.)

Below e-mail refers to attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference March 9-12 in Memphis. www.srlc.org 26 GOP state delgations will attend in what is billed as an audition for the 2008 White House race. I requested equal speaking time with John McCain and Governor Huckabee. Attending with my team and a very large number of activists from across the country coming at their own expense. Also rented 240 sf of exhibit space in the vendor area as an information station. Pleased to report the Tennesee Republican Party hosting the meeting has been very welcoming to me.

From: "Paul " <>To: ,Subject: Memphis RallyDate: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 15:14:16 -0700
Dear Dr. Klein:

My Name is xxxx, I live in Arizona, I am comming to Memphis and would like to offer my equipment for use at the rally. I have several items that may be of use such as expandable canopy tents, Cash register, VISA card system (you need an account to tie it to), portable generator, power tools, air compressor, 40 cup coffee pot, folding 3x6 table, Hot presses for hat and TEE shirts, You supply the heat transfers and shirts and or hats and I will press them for free, Display racks for the shirts, Chain saw, Water barrel, wireless laptop computer, Printer, laminator system ( 9" x continous) and (ID badge size) VHS video camera and monitor, Disney VHS tapes for a childrens corner, If I have left anything off the list just ask if I have it, if I do I will be glad to bring it along.

I have room in my truck to bring one extra person from this area.

I have had three children stolen in the last 35 years. Currently I have a total custody order for my youngest, issued for good cause and New Mexico refused to enforce it. Now my child has been abducted to the State of Georgia and New Mexico refuses to do anything to get her back, I have tried everything as I explained to Tony Taylor. This is an emense case involving three states four courts and seven judges. California has original jurisdiction and continuing jurisdiction by contract. Arizona registered a void order issued by New Mexico. I have been studying Child Custody law for five years. I can prove my case against the courts. I am disabled and can not afford the tremendous expense to accomplish anything on my own. I can prove criminal judicial misconduct and it has made no difference to report it to the proper authorities.

If I can be of any help to your rally efforts please contact me by replying to this email or call me at xxxx, Being poor, I have to camp but can house 10 people with my full camp setup. I can be in Memphis when ever you say. given two or three days to drive there. Takes time to make and blow up baloons or set up a booth, Print tee shirts and hats. Remember if you do not see it listed, ask I may have it.

xxxx, 57 year old NCP, mad as hell at the corrupt system. Decorated Viet Nam vet that has had three children stolen, my youngest is 13 and living in Georgia, 2200 miles away.

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