Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The spiritual essence behind political revolution

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"Tony Taylor" , "shelly" , "M.D. MARK KLEIN"

Subject: MEMPHIS
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 04:57:25 +0000

I am happy to announce that I have purcased our G.O.P tickets. Now the hard part is left.......getting out there. Whether fly or drive we will be there in all our get your boxing gloves on because we are ready to fight for our cause. God Bless you all and from my heart I love you guys. Jxxx and B...

The writer is a young mother in the Southwest. An office clerk she lives from paycheck to paycheck so it was really a struggle to get the money to sign up and come. Think what's motivating her is my genuine concern for her generation and her appreciation of my novel, yet common sensical, policies which I believe would improve her and her daughter's lives.

I will likely have the largest delegation at the meeting mostly comprised of people like her coming at their own expensefrom across America. We want to take the government out of hands of the special interests.
New York Times: Rice to Ask for $75 Million to Promote Democracy in Iran

Der Kibbitzer: Preparing American opinion for the next war. Only thing is Iran just had an election judged by neutral foreign observers to be fair, honest and clean. Both the Democrats and the Republicans love a "nice little" war. Keeps the public's mind off the things that really count--the relentless destruction of affordable middle class family life, an out of sight divorce rate, dealing effectively with the obesity driven diabetes epidemic, and a list of other problems to numerous to cite here.

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