Sunday, February 12, 2006

No point to having Jewish brains unless we use them!

(from today's Haaretz)

Planet Earth Calling: Anybody Home?

Mark Klein, M.D.

A Hamas led Palestinian government provides the perfect excuse for Israel to unilaterally set de facto borders demarcated by security fences facing Gaza and the arab areas of the West Bank. Peace treaties are obsolete 19th and 20th political conceptions.

In the 21st century the way to go is the long term cease fire between intractible enemies. Good examples are India and Pakistan over Kashmir, China and Taiwan, North and South Korea, and Columbia and the FARC rebels.Within the permanent ceasefire framework it would be possible to maintain decent trade relations and do mutally beneficial projects.

Abandoning intellectual orthodoxies is disorientating. The grimmest dictatorship is the dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy.
Sure hope Israel and Washington make the effort to listen carefully to what Hamas is saying. These are very smart folks. One reason the West is chronically at swords' point with the Islamic world is we disrespect its intellectual and communication styles which are very different than ours. As a psychiatrist, I'm not surprised. Spent my professional life trying to resolve misunderstandings and miscommunications between folks who speak the same language, grew up in the same culture, and supposedly love each other!
A thoughtful Haaretz reader replied that international law might tie Israel's hands were Hamas to attack civilian centers using an IRA style duel military-political wings approach. My published response:

Response to Mordechai
Mark Klein, M.D.

While not a likely scenario, Hamas might try the IRA miltary/political strategy. Under today`s outdated Laws of War created for conflicts between nation states, Israel`s militaty options might be curtailed.

That`s why in my attempt to consider a try for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination one plank is "CREATING RULES OF WAR FOR 21ST CENTURY ASYMMETRIC WAR SO WE CAN FIGHT TO WIN." See blog dated 2/10/06 with the draft text of my next full page color Washington Times (nat`l edition) ad.

In the White House I will immediately demand a review of all Laws of War treaties, and derivative Rules of Engagement for continued relevance. I won`t let America commit national suicide at the altar of outdated ideas.

Haaretz reader Simon David asked was I being naive about the risks of disengagement.


So what is else new? We`re Jews. Risk comes with the territory. Several years ago when the Palestinians regularly machine gunned Gilo I stayed at the Dan on Keren Hayesod in a room facing Beit Jala. Didn`t occur to me to ask for a room change.
On the subject of using our heads my e-mail to the author of the below New York York Times article.

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Message from sender:Unless I make the White House in 2008, the 3rd way regardless whether the prez is a DEM or a REP is Peronism American style. Isn't that what we have already in housing price bubble?

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