Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ms Hill cares more about affordable housing than foreign policy

Not a word in the State of the Union speech yesterday on what the Mr. and Ms. Hills of America really care about.

New York Times-2/1/06

The Quest
Dorothy Hill's plan was simple — "find a one-bedroom apartment to rent for $2,200 in one of the best elementary school district zones in the city, P.S. 6."

Her lease expired at the end of January, so she spent the month pursuing her dream, her quest, a small home that could be the educational launching pad for Alex and Sophia, her 4-year-old twins. Maybe even a walk-up (until the nanny nixed that idea).

She traveled the Upper East Side with a tape measure and a map, spending lunch hours with real estate people like Perry Buckner, looking at studios with alcoves. Today, Ms. Hill, Alex, Sophia and a cocker spaniel named Daphne will move into their new home, a one-bedroom sun-filled apartment in the desired school district, but the rent is $2,995 a month.

Remember, she is a total realist.

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