Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Minute-Man tradition lives on

From: Don 2/19/06
To: markklein1000@yahoo.

RE: Plan to join us in Memphis?

Yes, Sir., I/we do.

Dear Mark,Yes Sir. I plan to be there.I feel very honored to be invited by you personally.~I was just looking at the map & drive on yahoo.It's about 1681 miles from where I live in Rifle, Colorado.~I'm disabled and so is most of the community I know well.I'll work out something - bringing several other's with me.I have a 9 passanger Surburban and Severe Narcolepsy?~!

What a deal, hun!~I would love to talk with you sometime soon.I'm falling asleep on the keys right now.I can't take anymore right now.I've been up all night working the net.I'm very involved with the disabled community.We have over 3000 Colorado member's.We have been lobbying issues at the State Capital Almost Daily.Please check out our CCDC "Colorado Cross Disabilities Coalition" web site

If you might take a rain check for now and is itpossible I might call you asap as I'm able to.~I almost finished my comments in reply to your last message.I will send it as I finish. I did get a lot of feedback on that article.~If it's ok with you, I'll get back with you as soon as I can stay awake. Respectfully

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