Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lust and optimism are perennials like the grass

Madeleine Kunin and John Hennessey

THEORETICALLY, Madeleine Kunin said, she was never going to marry again. When her 34-year marriage ended in divorce in 1995, so, too, she thought, had the marriage chapter of her life. It's a life that has included chapters like governor of Vermont, three terms, 1985 to 1991; federal deputy secretary of education, 1993 to 1996; and ambassador to Switzerland, 1996 to 1999..."Without expecting it, without looking for it, we fell in love..."And now we begin an exciting new chapter," said the silver-haired bride, who is 72...John Hennessey, 80, said that after his wife of 56 years, Jean Lande Hennessey, died of cancer in 2004, he had "no intention, none," of marrying again. Yet on Feb. 12, less than two years later, he found himself at the altar, deeply in love...
Unlike marriage nowadays which is little more than going steady in high school in the 1950s, folks in the statecraft biz need to curb to natural urge for wishful thinking. Hence my posting in today's Haaretz:

Receipe for the secret sauce for peace

Mark Klein, M.D.

A long term hudna`s a great deal for everyone. The currrent situation is a historical time warp back to the days national states actually ran the show. In today`s world international trade blocs, multinational corporations, and K Street lawyers and pr hacks call the shots. A 10 year ceasefire is more than enough time for Israel and the Palestinians to come to a modus vivendi. Simply wishful thinking to ever expect a formal peace treaty. Invite Haniyeh to Jerusalem for a private tete-a-tete. Think he`s a very smart guy ready to talk turkey and capable of delivering his end.

An extended hudna worked for Mohammed. We could learn a thing or two from Islamic world.

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