Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Klein Administration won't be policy moral midgets

Left--Andrea Reyes, 32, of the Bronx, in the bedroom she shares with her husband and three children.* She contracted gestational diabetes in her second and third pregnancies, and in 2004 she developed Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Is Seen as a Rising Risk in Mothers-to-Be (New York Times today)

"It has long been something of a quirk in the grim universe of diabetes: a small number of pregnant women would become temporarily (and permanently) diabetic... this disorder is now growing, and indications are that it is growing fast...In New York, so-called gestational diabetes has risen by nearly 50 percent in about 10 years...(the result of ) genetically susceptible women entering pregnancy too fat..."

When I was in medical school and interned in the 1960s, I can't recall a case of a gestational diabetes turning immediately into Type II. In fact, gestational diabetes in the clinic population at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY where I did my obstetrics rotation wasn't too common.


A major underlying cause is too many moms and dads must work too many hours to make ends meet. Reducing the cost of living would allow more parents time to prepare more frequent home cooked meals, reduce feeding the family takout, eat out less, and by being less stressed less likely to overeat and more inclined to excercise.

The solutions starts by harvesting low hanging policy fruit which can be instituted by enforcing existing law and/or by regulation:

1- Curb unsound mortgage lending policies which drive the housing price bubble.

2- Aggressive border security and removals of illegal workers to reduce rents and raise blue collar wages.

* Very likely this family is sharing an apartment. Rents in popular metro regions are so high for many low income and middle class workers apartment sharing is becoming the norm.

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