Saturday, February 04, 2006

Banning nuclear weapons is the road to nuclear war

Result of 1920s battleship limitation treaties--Japanese battleship supporting an aircraft carrier battle group!

(My comments in Israel's Haaretz newspaper today.)

Nuclear weapons keep the peace.

That's why the West won the Cold War, Israel still exists, and bitter rivals like India-Pakistan and the two Koreas are getting along better.We are repeating the mistakes of the 1920s and 1930s forcing arms limitations treaties down the throats of Germany and Japan. Limiting battleships brought Japan`s far more deadly carrier aviation, and Germany`s stunning Blitzkrieg war fighting doctrine.

We escaped global Totalitarian Darkness by the skin of our teeth as the consequence of our colossal political stupidity because of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Iran will likely leave the United Nations as Germany left the League of Nations when the West put good public relations ahead of common sense and patience.

Iran needs nuclear weapons to feel secure. It`s problem isn`t Israel but a resurgent Sunni Iraq. Good chance Saddam Hussein, or another Baathist thug, will take control of a de facto Sunni state. These are very dangerous, aggressive folks Iran has reason to fear.

A Haaretz reader's comment:

Again...the Doc (Klein) makes sense!


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