Monday, February 27, 2006

Back in the shop.

Assuming personal responsibility for my maintaining my health at my age requires vigilence and following medical and dental advice.

Think I could make a big dent in the nation's health care bill once in the White House by ordering the federal medical establishment to concentrate a significant portion of its public education efforts in encouraging citizens to be more responsible about their health.

Seeing a periodonist today to deal with a few gum problems early before they affect the stability of the affected teeth. After that to the lab to check my bleeding time. I'm taking anticoagulants. The values were stable for several years. Things changed when I started a new medicine recently. I see excellent doctors and dentists but unless I follow advice I'm wasting my time.

My biggest challenge is avoiding adult onset diabetes. I carry the gene. After an abormal blood sugar result (elevated but not at diabetic levels) almost 2 years ago got religion about weight control and devised a diet that doesn't overstress an aging, creaky, tempermental pancreas.

Like in most things good decisions result from good data. Weigh myself daily on a doctor's office type balance scale and test my blood sugar. My sugars are at the higher end of the normal range. Knowing that reinforces the importance of being careful about my diet.

I'd be type of president who will literally roll up my sleeves to help Americans achieve better health. I'll invite everyone to watch me on t.v. as I show them by example how easy, painless and neat the home blood sugar test is. Imagine how many billions of health care dollars could be saved by getting people with adult onset diabetes, or at risk for it, to follow my example.

Might even post my daily weights and blood sugars on the White House website! Clearly have the Andrew Jackson spirit.

Boggles my mind how many simple, almost cost free things we could do improve to the nation's health. Unfortunately, for our federal medical establishment if something doesn't become an appropriation, our health leadership isn't interested.

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