Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Autumn leaves

New York is considering going to no fault divorce mostly so couples with long marriages gone stale have a respectable way to part. Under current fault divorce courts rubber stamp complaints of "cruel and usual" treatment hardly more serious than "he/she always burns the toast".

Divorce rates for long married couples are skyrocketing with the vast majority initiated by women. For people of honor no fault allows them to part without making false accusations of spousal mistreatment. Also means under New York's equitable distributiion laws the dissatisfied spouse walks away way with half the family's assets, and possibly a lifetime pension.

Beats me why nowadays people with a deeply rooted sense of personal commitment to loved ones still bet the emotional and financial ranch on marriage. The state has an obligation to protect the more morally scrupulous marital partner. I have no problem with divorce but it shouldn't be too easy to get. Here in California one can file for an automatic no fault divorce online paying the filing fee with a credit card.

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