Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just protecting our cubs

(Next week's 1/4 page Washington Times advert addressed to delegates attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis March 9-12. My delegation will likely be the largest present.)


To keep the White House and Congress we must take back
the party from the K Street fixers. They sold out our families, pillaged the national wealth, wasted the lives of our soldiers, turned too many of our children into habitual gamblers, manipulated the media to make virtue a vice and vice a virtue, etc., etc., etc..

Only the party's "annointed" get a line on the SRLC straw poll ballot.

Send the message you want real change by wisely using the write-in line. This is your only chance to save our great party before it self destructs.

Our children and grandchildren are counting on us.

Look me up in Memphis, and visit my booth.

Father and Grandfather
Physician and Psychiatrist
The Doctor Is In.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Back in the shop.

Assuming personal responsibility for my maintaining my health at my age requires vigilence and following medical and dental advice.

Think I could make a big dent in the nation's health care bill once in the White House by ordering the federal medical establishment to concentrate a significant portion of its public education efforts in encouraging citizens to be more responsible about their health.

Seeing a periodonist today to deal with a few gum problems early before they affect the stability of the affected teeth. After that to the lab to check my bleeding time. I'm taking anticoagulants. The values were stable for several years. Things changed when I started a new medicine recently. I see excellent doctors and dentists but unless I follow advice I'm wasting my time.

My biggest challenge is avoiding adult onset diabetes. I carry the gene. After an abormal blood sugar result (elevated but not at diabetic levels) almost 2 years ago got religion about weight control and devised a diet that doesn't overstress an aging, creaky, tempermental pancreas.

Like in most things good decisions result from good data. Weigh myself daily on a doctor's office type balance scale and test my blood sugar. My sugars are at the higher end of the normal range. Knowing that reinforces the importance of being careful about my diet.

I'd be type of president who will literally roll up my sleeves to help Americans achieve better health. I'll invite everyone to watch me on t.v. as I show them by example how easy, painless and neat the home blood sugar test is. Imagine how many billions of health care dollars could be saved by getting people with adult onset diabetes, or at risk for it, to follow my example.

Might even post my daily weights and blood sugars on the White House website! Clearly have the Andrew Jackson spirit.

Boggles my mind how many simple, almost cost free things we could do improve to the nation's health. Unfortunately, for our federal medical establishment if something doesn't become an appropriation, our health leadership isn't interested.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lust and optimism are perennials like the grass

Madeleine Kunin and John Hennessey

THEORETICALLY, Madeleine Kunin said, she was never going to marry again. When her 34-year marriage ended in divorce in 1995, so, too, she thought, had the marriage chapter of her life. It's a life that has included chapters like governor of Vermont, three terms, 1985 to 1991; federal deputy secretary of education, 1993 to 1996; and ambassador to Switzerland, 1996 to 1999..."Without expecting it, without looking for it, we fell in love..."And now we begin an exciting new chapter," said the silver-haired bride, who is 72...John Hennessey, 80, said that after his wife of 56 years, Jean Lande Hennessey, died of cancer in 2004, he had "no intention, none," of marrying again. Yet on Feb. 12, less than two years later, he found himself at the altar, deeply in love...
Unlike marriage nowadays which is little more than going steady in high school in the 1950s, folks in the statecraft biz need to curb to natural urge for wishful thinking. Hence my posting in today's Haaretz:

Receipe for the secret sauce for peace

Mark Klein, M.D.

A long term hudna`s a great deal for everyone. The currrent situation is a historical time warp back to the days national states actually ran the show. In today`s world international trade blocs, multinational corporations, and K Street lawyers and pr hacks call the shots. A 10 year ceasefire is more than enough time for Israel and the Palestinians to come to a modus vivendi. Simply wishful thinking to ever expect a formal peace treaty. Invite Haniyeh to Jerusalem for a private tete-a-tete. Think he`s a very smart guy ready to talk turkey and capable of delivering his end.

An extended hudna worked for Mohammed. We could learn a thing or two from Islamic world.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jerusalem suffering from tennis elbow?

(today's Haaretz)

Haniyeh: Withdrawal to '67 lines condition for deal

By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and News Agencies

Hamas' candidate for Palestinian Authority prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, told the Washington Post that Hamas will examine all of the agreements signed with Israel, and will honor those that are in the best interest of the Palestinians.Haniyeh's comments, made in an interview with the Washington daily, will be published in full on Sunday.

Haniyeh, seen as a leader of the more pragmatic wing of Hamas, also told the interviewer Hamas would honor agreements that guarantee the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital, and those that pledge the release of Palestinian prisoners.

When asked if Hamas would be willing to recognize Israel should it agree to withdraw to the 1967 borders, Haniyeh told the Washingon Post that Hamas would agree to a peace deal in stages, the first of which would call for stability and longterm ceasefire. He also said, "We have no hostile feelings toward Jews and we don't want to throw them into the sea. All we want is to get our land back and not to hurt anyone."

Friday, February 24, 2006

Americans have even an indirect say on federal monetary & credit policy: NEVER EVER

The SEC sided with Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase to keep my shareholder proposal recommending the bank institute tougher mortgage lending standards to help tame the housing price inflation off the proxy ballot.

Just a no brainer easy credit terms pump too much new money into the market to drive up the prices of scarce commodities like housing.

Too dangerous to let Americans vote directly on something that really counts.

Will be REALLY different in a Klein administration.


at, 4 Mar 2006 09:05:04 -0800 (PST)
From: MARK KLEIN, M.D." View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Reform of the SEC will be a priority item in a Klein administration
To: SEC" , anthony.horan@chase.com, william.mostyn@bankofamerica.com
CC: gmorgenson@nytimes.com, norris@nytimes.com, paul.steiger@wsj.com, ratlas@nytimes.com, cdeutsch@nytimes.com, managing-editor@nytimes.com, executive-editor@nytimes.com, ovaloffice2008@gmail.com, "Chuck Todd"

I'm fed up with SEC being the lap dog for the K Street crowd, big business and money center banks. Sure, no problemo approving a shareholder proposal to save the manatees, but HEAVEN FORBID Americans get to vote on Dr. Klein's proposal about something real like credit allocation standards.


Nice to know this e-mail will be forever enshrined in the archives of the United States of America.

Perhaps in some future totalitarian darkness a student, like my son mentioned in a previous e-mail, will find it doing research in the National Archives. Inspired to action he'll ignite a political revolution to bring back democracy.

The way this country is headed, dear Sirs, there'll soon be nothing left of freedom of speech and private conscience. We're practically there already.


Remember Tennesee Ernie Ford's hit song "16 Tons"?

"16 tons and what do you get,
another day older and deeper in debt.
St Peter don't you call me because I can't go,
I owe my soul to the company store."


Can see the New Yorker cartoon now. Instead of a wealthy socialite saying she's going down to hiss Roosevelt at the Translux, a white shoe Wall Street lawyer type will say the same thing about me except it will be at a cineplex.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

We are rapidly sliding into global chaos

If Iraq slips into civil war the Middle East will explode and then soon spread rack and ruin around the world.

America should immediately:

1. Open diplomatic relations with Iran

2. Allow Iraq to divide into three states by quickly withdrawing our forces

3. Do all we can to help Hamas form an effective Palestinian government
My advice to Israel published in today's Haaretz:

Foreign Minister Livni must be immediately replaced by Peres

Mark Klein, M.D.

The West and Israel could be at the precipice of a global no-holds-barred terrorist war.If that geni gets out the bottle, no way to put it back in.

If there ever was a time for Israel to have its most experienced, successful diplomat at the helm, this is IT.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The GOP doesn't want to put my name on the presidential straw poll ballot at the Memphis meeting (www.srlc.org) I'm attending accompanied by a very large delegation of dedicated supporters from around the country. Likely we'd be the largest delegation.

The party's current offer is a blank write-in line on the ballot.

Here's why they're so scared. I'd certainly pick up the many dozens of votes of my folks, and very likely a large number from delegates who just want to send a message to the GOP they're either unahppy with the party and/or don't like the potential "annointees" Senator John McCain and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My life will have had meaning.

(The writer is coming from rural Colorado to Memphis at his own expense.)

Dear Alison,

I feel your pain.I have been in your situation for along time.I live on food stamps, $423.00 SSI a month and money loaned to me.I am disabled and can't support myself. I can't pay any child support.And I can't see my daughter yet ether. It's been about 6 years now.

What I can do is try to help other's because I can't help myself & my daughter yet.So, I am sending out your message in request for assistance.I will pray for you as well.~I've been writing letter's requesting assistance with communication for the many victimsof the Family Courts and for the Disabled Community as well. Maybe something will come through for us before we lose our only reasonable communication ability.

We have launched a Presidential Campaign in attempt to Elect a new President whocares about Families and understands that family is the foundation of America.I believe strongly in Dr. Mark Klein.I have talked with Dr. Klein and he is for real.America needs a “for real” President like Dr. Klein so we might have a future!I will be assisting Dr. Mark Klein with his Presidential Campaign personally.This issue we have spoken about and Dr. Klein intends to support the American Foundation.That means we will get some help through enforcing Health and Human Services to do their job.That means investigating bogus child support amounts imposed with lack in proper discretion.

Please keep in touch with someone and give at least one person your contact information soif something does come through and we might get some assistance with communicationabilities we can let you know about it as soon as possible.I have not moved in 12 years.My contact information has not changed.I know I will have access to the internet for at least the next 3 months.I am fighting to stay online myself and if I do get some assistance.I'd like to be able to share it with you. My contact information is as follows:

Monday, February 20, 2006

The emotional dimensions of what I'm doing are staggering

Excerpts from recent e-mails:

Vote for our first "Humane Politician" -- Dr. Mark Klein Supports "Non - Custodial Parents Rights" & "Disability Rights" also! /// Link: http://www.klein4change.com

thank you for your strength
Mon, 20 Feb 2006 12:31:28 -0600

Dear Dr. Klein:

It takes a lot of guts to go on the platform you propose. And it is MUCH needed. I didn't have a lot to donate because of being a stay-at-home mom right now but I hope it helps a little.

My fiance was one of those who suffered tremendously at the hands of his ex-wife's alienation of his two children. His road eventually led him to becoming homeless for over 3 years; eating out of dumpsters and sleeping under hedges and garbage bags. Fortunately, he fought his way out of it.

Re: Dr. Mark Klein

Marc wrote:

You would be a fabulous addition to Dr. Klein's team, to the extent you have the cycles to become involved. I have copied him on this message...

Dr. Klein, please meet Attorney xxx one of the strongest forces for family law reform and social equity the country has ever seen.

X, please meet Dr. Mark Klein, a board certified psychiatrist with brass balls who both believes and really *can* help redirect this country from a position of public influence...
It's no wonder my sleep is often invaded by anxious dreams.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Minute-Man tradition lives on

From: Don xxx@hotmail.com 2/19/06
To: markklein1000@yahoo.

RE: Plan to join us in Memphis?

Yes, Sir., I/we do.

Dear Mark,Yes Sir. I plan to be there.I feel very honored to be invited by you personally.~I was just looking at the map & drive on yahoo.It's about 1681 miles from where I live in Rifle, Colorado.~I'm disabled and so is most of the community I know well.I'll work out something - bringing several other's with me.I have a 9 passanger Surburban and Severe Narcolepsy?~!

What a deal, hun!~I would love to talk with you sometime soon.I'm falling asleep on the keys right now.I can't take anymore right now.I've been up all night working the net.I'm very involved with the disabled community.We have over 3000 Colorado member's.We have been lobbying issues at the State Capital Almost Daily.Please check out our CCDC "Colorado Cross Disabilities Coalition" web site at:www.ccdconline.org

If you might take a rain check for now and is itpossible I might call you asap as I'm able to.~I almost finished my comments in reply to your last message.I will send it as I finish. I did get a lot of feedback on that article.~If it's ok with you, I'll get back with you as soon as I can stay awake. Respectfully

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Klein Administration won't be policy moral midgets

Left--Andrea Reyes, 32, of the Bronx, in the bedroom she shares with her husband and three children.* She contracted gestational diabetes in her second and third pregnancies, and in 2004 she developed Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Is Seen as a Rising Risk in Mothers-to-Be (New York Times today)

"It has long been something of a quirk in the grim universe of diabetes: a small number of pregnant women would become temporarily (and permanently) diabetic... this disorder is now growing, and indications are that it is growing fast...In New York, so-called gestational diabetes has risen by nearly 50 percent in about 10 years...(the result of ) genetically susceptible women entering pregnancy too fat..."

When I was in medical school and interned in the 1960s, I can't recall a case of a gestational diabetes turning immediately into Type II. In fact, gestational diabetes in the clinic population at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY where I did my obstetrics rotation wasn't too common.


A major underlying cause is too many moms and dads must work too many hours to make ends meet. Reducing the cost of living would allow more parents time to prepare more frequent home cooked meals, reduce feeding the family takout, eat out less, and by being less stressed less likely to overeat and more inclined to excercise.

The solutions starts by harvesting low hanging policy fruit which can be instituted by enforcing existing law and/or by regulation:

1- Curb unsound mortgage lending policies which drive the housing price bubble.

2- Aggressive border security and removals of illegal workers to reduce rents and raise blue collar wages.

* Very likely this family is sharing an apartment. Rents in popular metro regions are so high for many low income and middle class workers apartment sharing is becoming the norm.

Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolff?

photo--New Palestinian Authority PM Haniya with newly elected parliamentary members. Note the woman to his left wears western clothes without a head covering. Also no one is wearing traditional Arab dress.

The future lies in what Hamas actually does once in power. My guess is quiet on the ground with the airwaves filled with threats and insults. Bet many readers get that all the time from the ex and/or current spouse. For the sake of the children you put up with it rather than wreck everything by walking out, injuring the offending spouse or taking out your anger on the children.

Israel and the Palestinians are locked into a terrible marriage far worse than the one in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff". Divorce and murder usually make things worse. That's why there are legal separations. For Israel and the Palestinians that means an impenetrable security fence along the Gaza frontier and through the West Bank.

The Jerusalem Post published my comment re the Hamas decision not to reopen the casino in Jericho before closed in the Intifada was heavily patronized by Israeli gamblers.

Hamas is getting off on the right foot.
MARK KLEIN, M.D. - USA 02/19/2006 08:47

Casino gambling is a scourge on the community and family life. I applaud Hamas' action. A sign we're dealing with people with common sense. So long as Hamas honors a ceasefire, true friends of Israel like me will push for better things for the Palestinians. Israel should judge Hamas by its actions not its rhetoric.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The price of moral midget governing elites

New York Times--February 16, 2006
(Name Here) Is a Liar and a Cheat

BEWARE, ladies. Manny from Miami is not quite the sensitive single man he says he is. He is married with a kid, no less, and "he sleeps with women everywhere," according to his anonymous former girlfriend in a posting on DontDateHimGirl.com.

As for Vincent of Jacksonville, his ex said she answered a knock at her door one day only to find his wife and his mistress had come calling. The two, having found out about each other, "don't mind teaming up to get rid of the next girl," the ex-girlfriend said in her posting. "Whatever you do, don't date him, don't speak, just move on." (Presumably his ex didn't take their advice?)...

Become too dangerous to bet the emotional and financial ranch on love.

This is the terrible price we're paying for moral midget governing elites which care nothing for ensuring middle class family life remains affordable, promote divorce, and ignore the real best interests of children, growing up in an intact family.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The spiritual essence behind political revolution


View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
"Tony Taylor" , "shelly" , "M.D. MARK KLEIN" markklein1000@yahoo.com

Subject: MEMPHIS
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 04:57:25 +0000

I am happy to announce that I have purcased our G.O.P tickets. Now the hard part is left.......getting out there. Whether fly or drive we will be there in all our glory................so get your boxing gloves on because we are ready to fight for our cause. God Bless you all and from my heart I love you guys. Jxxx and B...

The writer is a young mother in the Southwest. An office clerk she lives from paycheck to paycheck so it was really a struggle to get the money to sign up and come. Think what's motivating her is my genuine concern for her generation and her appreciation of my novel, yet common sensical, policies which I believe would improve her and her daughter's lives.

I will likely have the largest delegation at the meeting mostly comprised of people like her coming at their own expensefrom across America. We want to take the government out of hands of the special interests.
New York Times: Rice to Ask for $75 Million to Promote Democracy in Iran

Der Kibbitzer: Preparing American opinion for the next war. Only thing is Iran just had an election judged by neutral foreign observers to be fair, honest and clean. Both the Democrats and the Republicans love a "nice little" war. Keeps the public's mind off the things that really count--the relentless destruction of affordable middle class family life, an out of sight divorce rate, dealing effectively with the obesity driven diabetes epidemic, and a list of other problems to numerous to cite here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Next week's Washington Times advert

A NEW FEATURE--Der Kibitzer" (Kibbitz--Yiddish word for an unsolicited advice.)

NEW YORK TIMES- February 14, 2006 U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies By EDMUND L. ANDREWS

The government is on the verge of one of the biggest oil and gas giveaways in U.S. history, some $7 billion over five years.

Der Kibbitzer says in dollars adjusted for the rise in housing prices from 1955 to now, gas has never been cheaper. Denominated in "Housing Dollars" the shares are so so performers. Since I'm a debt free old guy with the children grown and gone, hold big oil shares just for the dividends. No savvy younger investor in his right mind starting a family and saving for retirement should touch them.

What we have today is Peronism American style!

Israel's gotten too big for its britches

February 14, 2006
U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster
JERUSALEM, Feb. 14 — The United States and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government so that newly elected Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called again, according to Israeli officials and Western diplomats. The intention is to starve the Palestinian Authority of money and international connections to the point where, some months from now, its president, Mahmoud Abbas, is compelled to call a new election. The hope is that Palestinians will be so unhappy with life under Hamas that they will return to office a reformed and chastened Fatah movement.
As a Jew, a Zionist and an American I am appalled by this coarse attempt to destroy a genuinely elected government which came to power to replace corruption with better government.

Hamas is no different than Israel's pre-state underground armies, Haganna, Irgun, and the Stern Gang, which fought the British during the Mandate. Once Israel achieved independence, they merged to form the Israel Defense Forces. Hamas is now trying to do the same thing by disarming the Gaza population.

Think the problem is Israel's political influence over this administration is far too great. Pains me to openly harshly criticize Israel. It's long term interests are better served by a trip to woodshed now rather than face truly disasterous consequences later should the American public come to view Israel as a liability rather than an ally.
Haaretz reader Mark Linclon's comments on Hamas mirror mine.


Mark Klein

Israel`s Washington lobbyists are the troublemakers behind the administration`s totally brain dead attempts to destabilize the new Hamas government. Jerusalem should replace them.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Beware of getting what you wish for

Haaretz headline: Iran resumes nuclear enrichment program

My response:

Text of my ad in today`s Washington Times
(national weekly edition)

Mark Klein, M.D.


Iran`s problem isn`t Israel but a resurgent Sunni Iraq. Likely Saddam, or some other Baathist thug, will take over a de facto Sunni state to start a civil war which could spill over into Iran. Nuclear weapons keep the peace. That`s why the West won the Cold War, Israel still exists, and bitter rivals India and Pakistan and the Koreas are getting along better.

(Then added) Israel`s interests are very badly represented in Washington. Blindly following the administration`s war mongering "wag the dog" strategy to distract the public from its failures could lead to a catastrophe for Israel. Israel`s got the "influence" it always wanted.

Beware of getting what you wish for!


Online exchange with Haaretz reader Mark Lincoln commenting on the above posting.

"The advent of a Shiite dominated Iraq has eased rather than increased the threat from Iraq.Relations between the Iraqi government and Iran are very cordial. The government of Iraq is turning to Iran for oil industry support, marketing, and has joined Iran in becoming the second Oil Exporting Nation to accept payment only in Euros and not Dollars.Despite the decision of the Bush administration to cut and run from Iraq, it is unlikely that the Sunni portions of the Iraqi resistance will be able to return the Baath party to power.If the US or Israel attacks Iran, al-Sadar and his Mufti Army (which controls units of the Iraqi Army) have pledged to attack US units in Iraq.This is why the Iranians joke about the "hostage crisis", i.e. the 150,000 Americans in Iraq."

My reply--

You`re right so long as the Shiites can keep the country together. I`m pessimistic the Shiites will succeed because the modern Iraq state was sloppily cobbled together by Britain after WWI out of the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. It`s three major elements hate and despise each other. Should things get out of hand we`ve got at least 3 factorial (3 x 2 x 1) civil war scenario! The operative words for Iraq are OY VEY IST MIR!

America has little choice but to "cut and run". No way we can win fighting a 21st century asymmetric war under 20th century laws of war. Americans simply won`t tolerate another Viet Nam catastrophe.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

No point to having Jewish brains unless we use them!

(from today's Haaretz)

Planet Earth Calling: Anybody Home?

Mark Klein, M.D.

A Hamas led Palestinian government provides the perfect excuse for Israel to unilaterally set de facto borders demarcated by security fences facing Gaza and the arab areas of the West Bank. Peace treaties are obsolete 19th and 20th political conceptions.

In the 21st century the way to go is the long term cease fire between intractible enemies. Good examples are India and Pakistan over Kashmir, China and Taiwan, North and South Korea, and Columbia and the FARC rebels.Within the permanent ceasefire framework it would be possible to maintain decent trade relations and do mutally beneficial projects.

Abandoning intellectual orthodoxies is disorientating. The grimmest dictatorship is the dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy.
Sure hope Israel and Washington make the effort to listen carefully to what Hamas is saying. These are very smart folks. One reason the West is chronically at swords' point with the Islamic world is we disrespect its intellectual and communication styles which are very different than ours. As a psychiatrist, I'm not surprised. Spent my professional life trying to resolve misunderstandings and miscommunications between folks who speak the same language, grew up in the same culture, and supposedly love each other!
A thoughtful Haaretz reader replied that international law might tie Israel's hands were Hamas to attack civilian centers using an IRA style duel military-political wings approach. My published response:

Response to Mordechai
Mark Klein, M.D.

While not a likely scenario, Hamas might try the IRA miltary/political strategy. Under today`s outdated Laws of War created for conflicts between nation states, Israel`s militaty options might be curtailed.

That`s why in my attempt to consider a try for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination one plank is "CREATING RULES OF WAR FOR 21ST CENTURY ASYMMETRIC WAR SO WE CAN FIGHT TO WIN." See blog dated 2/10/06 with the draft text of my next full page color Washington Times (nat`l edition) ad. www.klein4change.com

In the White House I will immediately demand a review of all Laws of War treaties, and derivative Rules of Engagement for continued relevance. I won`t let America commit national suicide at the altar of outdated ideas.

Haaretz reader Simon David asked was I being naive about the risks of disengagement.


So what is else new? We`re Jews. Risk comes with the territory. Several years ago when the Palestinians regularly machine gunned Gilo I stayed at the Dan on Keren Hayesod in a room facing Beit Jala. Didn`t occur to me to ask for a room change.
On the subject of using our heads my e-mail to the author of the below New York York Times article.

This page was sent to you by: mark@drmarkklein.com

Message from sender:Unless I make the White House in 2008, the 3rd way regardless whether the prez is a DEM or a REP is Peronism American style. Isn't that what we have already in housing price bubble? www.klein4change.com

BUSINESS / YOUR TAXES February 12, 2006 Cracking the Tax Code By EDMUND L. ANDREWS Anyone who thinks that the federal income tax code is baffling now ought to brace for what lies ahead: big changes and uncertainty.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

No time for political monkey business

photo--copywrite 2006 Mark Klein. All rights reserved.

(from today's Jerusalem Post)

"Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, during her visit to the United States, also warned against international recognition of Hamas in a New York Sun interview published Friday morning.
According to Livni, there was a "slippery slope" effect caused by the tendency of some international actors to compromise with Hamas. Any sign of weakness in dealing with Hamas, she added, would lead to "a negative effect - not only for Israel, but also for the Palestinian people and for the international community."

My published reponse:


MARK KLEIN, M.D. - USA 02/11/2006 17:35

The Hamas victory for Israel and the West is like the invention of sliced bread.

Israel's finally got a Palestinian adversary with political legitimacy with a coherent, disciplined political machine elected into office to end corruption and improve the economy. Nonsense to demand they disarm and recognise Israel. So long as they hold their fire, and curb terrorism by other groups, every effort should be made to ensure their success.

The Palestinians are a tribal and family clan oriented society. Peace will come quickly with "a chicken in every (Palestinian) pot." (Hoover's 1928 campaign slogan)

Also a related posting in Haaretz:

Pays to listen carefully to what Hamas says
Mark Klein, M.D.

The Hamas offer of a permanent cease fire makes a lot sense viewed in the context of similar arrangements for bitter conflicts for which no easy answers exist, e.g., Korea, Kashmir, Columbia and the FARC rebels, and Germany during the Cold War.

Hamas won`t get its maximalist demands of a return to the pre-1967 lines but despite public grumbling it will be satisfied with disengagement and the completion of the fence. Israel and the West need a new conceptual framework for what "peace" means.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Draft text of next Washington Times full page color advert


Please join me and my friends coming from around the country to attend the
Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis, TN March 9-10, 2006.


1- Republicans for whom living stable family lives trump ideology.
2-Young adults unable to afford to live independently, get married, or have children
3-Unwilling victims of easy divorce laws
4-Millions of anguished, heartbroken non-custodial parents
5-Adult children of divorce
6-Heartbroken parents and grandparents of the divorced
8. Seniors
9. Conservatives
10-Straight ticket Republican voters


By enacting a
For states to receive federal subsidies for family programs child support recipients shall be fiduciaries required to file reports supported by documentation showing how the money was used for the child’s direct benefit.
And a
For states to receive federal subsidies for family programs they must enact a rebuttal presumption of joint physical custody in a divorce action.

ending the housing bubble by eliminating low down payment mortgages.




Comments? Want to help?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

California springtime returns. A glorious afternoon in the garden.

Not good to be living in the clouds

(From Israel's Haaretz newspaper)

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Republican from the 18th district of Florida, and Chair of the Subcommittee on Middle East and Central Asia. Last week, Ros-Lehtinen introduced comprehensive legislation barring aid to a Hamas led PA government.

My published response: "We look like fools, and squander precious political capital, getting congress (likely only in the House) to pass a bill barring aid to a Hamas government when anyone living on Planet Earth knows that ain`t never going to happen.

Whatever the Hamas rhetoric the combination of American and EU political and economic pressure, the Israeli military, and finishing the fence ASAP will castrate a significant terror threat.

Smart folks know 1-we can`t let the Palestinians literally starve & 2- an improved Palestinian economy reduces political tensions and increases the odds for peace overtures.

Beginning to think America`s Jewish community leadership is more concerned with fundraising, and bureacracy building than trying on for size new thinking for a new century."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Autumn leaves

New York is considering going to no fault divorce mostly so couples with long marriages gone stale have a respectable way to part. Under current fault divorce courts rubber stamp complaints of "cruel and usual" treatment hardly more serious than "he/she always burns the toast".

Divorce rates for long married couples are skyrocketing with the vast majority initiated by women. For people of honor no fault allows them to part without making false accusations of spousal mistreatment. Also means under New York's equitable distributiion laws the dissatisfied spouse walks away way with half the family's assets, and possibly a lifetime pension.

Beats me why nowadays people with a deeply rooted sense of personal commitment to loved ones still bet the emotional and financial ranch on marriage. The state has an obligation to protect the more morally scrupulous marital partner. I have no problem with divorce but it shouldn't be too easy to get. Here in California one can file for an automatic no fault divorce online paying the filing fee with a credit card.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This kind of grassroots support why I think I can take the White House

(My team at the Republcan National Committee in 11/05. Left to right--Tony Taylor, Joe Carruba, Nancy Dellinger(RNC), Carol Carpec, Mark Klein, M.D.)

Below e-mail refers to attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference March 9-12 in Memphis. www.srlc.org 26 GOP state delgations will attend in what is billed as an audition for the 2008 White House race. I requested equal speaking time with John McCain and Governor Huckabee. Attending with my team and a very large number of activists from across the country coming at their own expense. Also rented 240 sf of exhibit space in the vendor area as an information station. Pleased to report the Tennesee Republican Party hosting the meeting has been very welcoming to me.

From: "Paul " <>To: ,Subject: Memphis RallyDate: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 15:14:16 -0700
Dear Dr. Klein:

My Name is xxxx, I live in Arizona, I am comming to Memphis and would like to offer my equipment for use at the rally. I have several items that may be of use such as expandable canopy tents, Cash register, VISA card system (you need an account to tie it to), portable generator, power tools, air compressor, 40 cup coffee pot, folding 3x6 table, Hot presses for hat and TEE shirts, You supply the heat transfers and shirts and or hats and I will press them for free, Display racks for the shirts, Chain saw, Water barrel, wireless laptop computer, Printer, laminator system ( 9" x continous) and (ID badge size) VHS video camera and monitor, Disney VHS tapes for a childrens corner, If I have left anything off the list just ask if I have it, if I do I will be glad to bring it along.

I have room in my truck to bring one extra person from this area.

I have had three children stolen in the last 35 years. Currently I have a total custody order for my youngest, issued for good cause and New Mexico refused to enforce it. Now my child has been abducted to the State of Georgia and New Mexico refuses to do anything to get her back, I have tried everything as I explained to Tony Taylor. This is an emense case involving three states four courts and seven judges. California has original jurisdiction and continuing jurisdiction by contract. Arizona registered a void order issued by New Mexico. I have been studying Child Custody law for five years. I can prove my case against the courts. I am disabled and can not afford the tremendous expense to accomplish anything on my own. I can prove criminal judicial misconduct and it has made no difference to report it to the proper authorities.

If I can be of any help to your rally efforts please contact me by replying to this email or call me at xxxx, Being poor, I have to camp but can house 10 people with my full camp setup. I can be in Memphis when ever you say. given two or three days to drive there. Takes time to make and blow up baloons or set up a booth, Print tee shirts and hats. Remember if you do not see it listed, ask I may have it.

xxxx, 57 year old NCP, mad as hell at the corrupt system. Decorated Viet Nam vet that has had three children stolen, my youngest is 13 and living in Georgia, 2200 miles away.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The administration is getting the message

Next week's Washington Times advert.

E-mailed the above to the White House and the GOP leadership on Saturday when the papers were filled with stories about the administration's sword rattling against Iran. Very pleased to read in today's New York Times the government's come to accept the inevitability of Iranian nukes and is toning down the menacing language.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Once upon a time they'd just be best friends

New York Times 2/5/06--Dr. Beth Greenberg, left, and Beth Simon at the division of civil marriages and unions.

As a psychiatrist in my mid-60s, and the father of four young adult children, breathtaking to have witnessed in just about 40 years the widespread collapse of conventional sexual identity.

Think it mostly reflects the collapse of American marriage the result of the feminist movement. From my experiences as a psychiatrist and childraising I believe children's sexual identity is closely linked to identification with their parents. When marriages with young children fail, the chances for a successful psychosexual identification with the parent of the same sex are severely damaged.

For boys the problem most often is coping emotionally with the mother's scorn and anger for the child's largely absent father. Girls under the same set of circumstances learn to distrust men.

When I was young, parents got bent out of shape if a youngster brought home someone of a different religion. Today's parents are happy the person is of the opposite sex!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Something of Value?

Betty Friedan died today.

When my generation is gone, they'll be no one with living memories of an America in which most people stayed in marriages gone stale "for the sake of the children", and a middle class life style was accessible to modest earning blue collar workers like my butcher shop owner father.

Read the Feminine Mystique when it came out in the mid-1960s. Feminism is supposed to be the Holy Grail to women's happiness. Hardly seems to be the way things turned out.

The essense of the American experience is grand social experimentation. From a 21st century perspective Prohibition seems almost weird. Yet Americans so believed in cultural self transformation they amended the Constitution to ban the sale of alcohol. But beliefs which go against fundamental human nature and needs inevitably fail.

After 40 years of the feminist movement Friedan's book unleased, half of marriages end in divorce, marriage rates plummeted, children born today have less than a 25% to spend their entire childhood in an intact family, and it's the rare family which can get by financially on a single income.

New York Times book reviewer Lucy Freeman on the Feminine Mystique wrote "Sweeping generalities, in which this book necessarily abounds, may hold a certain amount of truth but often obscure the deeper issues. It is superficial to blame the 'culture' and its handmaidens, the women's magazines, as she does. What is to stop a woman who is interested in national and international affairs from reading magazines that deal with those subjects? To paraphrase a famous line, 'The fault, dear Mrs. Friedan, is not in our culture, but in ourselves.' "

Think Freeman was right. Women don't seem any happier today since Friedan "liberated" them from the tyranny and oppression of suburban fulltime homemaking.

Banning nuclear weapons is the road to nuclear war

Result of 1920s battleship limitation treaties--Japanese battleship supporting an aircraft carrier battle group!

(My comments in Israel's Haaretz newspaper today.)

Nuclear weapons keep the peace.

That's why the West won the Cold War, Israel still exists, and bitter rivals like India-Pakistan and the two Koreas are getting along better.We are repeating the mistakes of the 1920s and 1930s forcing arms limitations treaties down the throats of Germany and Japan. Limiting battleships brought Japan`s far more deadly carrier aviation, and Germany`s stunning Blitzkrieg war fighting doctrine.

We escaped global Totalitarian Darkness by the skin of our teeth as the consequence of our colossal political stupidity because of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Iran will likely leave the United Nations as Germany left the League of Nations when the West put good public relations ahead of common sense and patience.

Iran needs nuclear weapons to feel secure. It`s problem isn`t Israel but a resurgent Sunni Iraq. Good chance Saddam Hussein, or another Baathist thug, will take control of a de facto Sunni state. These are very dangerous, aggressive folks Iran has reason to fear.

A Haaretz reader's comment:

Again...the Doc (Klein) makes sense!


Friday, February 03, 2006

Our impoverished children

New York Times--February 3, 2006

Talk About Renting a Hole in the Wall

So you think your place is small? One night recently, a group of architecture students staying up late in a loft in Brooklyn took to amusing themselves by stuffing a mattress into a hole cut into the wall above a bedroom door. Then they tried the mattress out for comfort. Not half bad! It occurred to one of them, Nick Freeman, that people might pay money to call that elevated mattress home.

So Mr. Freeman posted an ad on the Web site Craigslist: "$35 — elevated mattress-sized space between rooms." He used a minimalist pitch. "Opening between hall and room available for long/short-term use, accessible by ladder, sheets and pillows not provided." The ad went up around noon, and by the end of that day, Mr. Freeman had a dozen potential takers.

"I was actually surprised with the amount of places that fall into that category — kind of like 'I'll rent a corner,' " said Drew Hart, who answered the ad. "I went to look at a place recently in Queens; I wasn't aware until I got there that it was a cloth shower curtain separating part of the living room."

Into the six-ring circus that is the housing market in New York City — where a house can sell for $40 million, an apartment can rent for $25,000 a month and extended families sleep in shifts in single rooms — came the airborne mattress, at least briefly.

As real estate prices remain stratospheric and people keep pouring into the city, some housing experts believe the market for space within other people's space is on the rise.

On Craigslist alone, one can find hundreds of ads for rooms within apartments, beds within bedrooms, even the occasional couch — if not living quarters, then living eighths. Some are available from Monday evenings through Friday mornings, some only on weekends. Some exclude kitchen privileges, request teetotalers, insist upon plant care, limit sleepovers.
A few will take some of the rent in trade.

"The regular value of this studio is $2,000 per month," one recent ad seeking a roommate for a West Side apartment said. "Your share of the rent is specially reduced to only $250 per month for a female in exchange for doing small chores a few hours a week (i.e. cooking, cleaning, answering phones, massage, etc.)."

The ad suggested helpfully, "Perfect for a student, tourist, actress, etc."

What, no cabdrivers?

"You're in the subterranean world in this particular issue," said Frank Braconi, executive director of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council, a policy research group in Manhattan. "So little of it is aboveboard and legal and monitored, nobody's counting anything. You're inevitably going to be in the realm of anecdote rather than data."

He added, "Anecdotally, it's overwhelmingly the case that it is going on more and more."
Caroline Adalian, a 33-year-old "child life specialist" in a Queens hospital who figures she has lived in 10 different places since college, recalls being required in one New York apartment to say she was a friend of the family and never mention rent. Another woman was told to say she was the cleaning lady.

A few years ago, Karen Falcon, whose family owns a brownstone on Broadway at 152nd Street, tried to find a family to rent the three-bedroom upstairs apartment. When her ad went unanswered, she tried advertising the rooms separately instead.

They went almost instantly, she said; so she turned herself into an informal rental agent for a friend with a 60-unit building full of large apartments nearby.

"We were inundated," said Ms. Falcon, who said tenants in the building now affectionately call it a dorm for adults. "Because young people are pouring into New York City. It's like we are such a magnet. I really feel I'm on the front lines of this."

The mattress episode began sometime before dawn on Jan. 16. John Ivanoff, a 22-year-old architecture student at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, who shares the 1,500-square-foot apartment on Taaffe Place with five others — the person with the only room with a real window pays an extra $50 in rent — said he and his roommates and Mr. Freeman, a friend, had stayed up drinking and suddenly decided to stuff a spare mattress into the rectangular hole cut into the wall above one bedroom door.

"There were three of us up there at one time," Mr. Freeman recalled. "All three of us hung out there. After the night was done, I said it would be funny if I put this on a room-share thing on Craigslist and see if anyone responds."

One who did was Adam Kriney, a 29-year-old experimental jazz drummer "looking for living spaces for under $200, if possible," as he put it later. He had given up his share in an apartment in Williamsburg and had been staying on various couches of friends.

"Look, I'm looking to live in a crawl space," said Mr. Kriney, who said he spent his money on rehearsal space. "What do I really need besides my laptop, a sleeping bag and a suitcase?"
The mattress ad caught his eye.

"I kind of thought it was like a cubby cubbyhole where I could hang out," Mr. Kriney said in an interview. "I didn't realize it was suspended. Which isn't a problem. That wouldn't be a strange thing. It's just where I lay my head. I'm only here to do my music."

Tywan Williams, a 27-year-old "celebrity hairstylist" at a beauty salon in Queens who had found an apartment but could not move in until Feb. 1, answered the ad after sleeping on the A train the previous night.

Another response came from Melissa Sanfiorenzo, a 25-year-old photographer just back from Spain and trolling Craigslist for a room for $400 to $500 a month.

"When I saw the ad, it's like, 'This is really nuts,' " Ms. Sanfiorenzo said. "I figured being there, with time maybe something would open up. Maybe someone will move out — of, like, the room. I mean the bed is on top but maybe there's a table or a big space."

Mr. Hart, a 19-year-old student from Manasquan, N.J., returning to New York after a semester of travel, fired off an e-mail message to Mr. Freeman: "well O.K. I already know I'm crazy, but . . . if that bed's really for rent and you're all really as crazy as you seem as well (and those strings are strong) I'm there."

He added, "Will also sleep in corner, in tent, etc. etc."

An open house for the mattress was scheduled for that Saturday, Jan. 21, between 6 and 9 p.m. Mr. Hart arrived, checked out the real estate and was willing to give it a shot. But, according to Mr. Freeman, the existing inhabitant of the bedroom in question was unenthusiastic. "Pretty much that was the point where it fizzled out," Mr. Freeman said.

Mr. Hart ended up finding a berth in a small bedroom in Woodside, Queens. He said he was sharing a room with another man in a four-bedroom apartment — "kind of like a dorm situation." The rent is $250 a month.

As for the mattress, Mr. Hart has only one regret. "I think I would have done it," he said. "Because it's, like, a good story to tell your kids."

Thursday, February 02, 2006

We need a national shrink!

Chatted today with late 20s married Oakland sign shop clerk about the cost of housing. There to purchase campaign banners.
She and husband paid about $500,000 for a rundown Victorian in an Oakland neighborhood where 30 years ago such homes went for $20,000.

She brought up the subject of her home up when I explained why I was trying for the White House. Real reason I'm thinking about running is we are governed by people so intellectually vacant, or more likely so selfish, they are throwing away our children's futures. If young people today are just about priced out the housing market, where will their children live?

Should hear shortly from the SEC about whether my shareholder proposals submitted to Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase recommending the banks curb the issuance of non-conforming mortgages fueling the housing bubble will make the proxy ballot. The banks asked the SEC to bar the proposals. Heaven forbid Americans get to vote on something that really affects theirs and their children's lives. Proposal below:

To protect and enhance the health and general welfare of children and adults the shareholders recommend BANK OF AMERICA/JP MORGAN CHASE not issue first mortgage home loans, except as required by law, no greater than four times the borrower’s gross income.


As a mature man in my mid-60s, a physician and psychiatrist, a father and grandfather, and a seasoned, very successful investor, I believe the physical and emotional health of adults and children are closely linked to a satisfying family life which in turn depends upon the availability of affordable housing.

I believe today’s housing price inflation is primarily driven by unsound lending practices, commonly referred to as non-conforming mortgages, which promote excessive speculation by pumping too much money into the real estate market. Just Economics 101 supply and demand theory: Too many dollars chasing scarce housing resources drive up prices.

The most pernicious non-conforming mortgage loan practice is issuing first mortgage loans in excess of four times the borrower’s gross income. Loans above that level are imprudent for the borrower and unsound for the lender.

Sky high housing costs destabilize marriage. Financial distress is a major cause of marital collapse. and child abuse and neglect.

Burdened by excessive debt couples are forced to work excessive hours leaving little time to nurture their marriages much less derive pleasure from them.

Spending too much time away from home creates unnecessary opportunities for unfaithfulness which recent studies suggest at least 40% per cent of married men and women do.

Divorce commonly causes mental and physical illness for the partners and their children.
The heightened divorce risk notwithstanding, excessive work hours caused by excessive mortgage debt is a major contributing factor to today’s exploding obesity driven diabetes epidemic. With too many moms and dads working long hours in lieu of regular balanced, portion controlled, home cooked meals too many children subsist mostly on junk food.

As a physician and a father it’s personally heartbreaking to see so many overweight children knowing of the suffering they will face and the likelihood of shortened lives.

Overworked adults also succumb to obesity leading to diabetes because restaurant food and takeout are usually overloaded with fats and carbohydrates with little protein.
There is more to life than making a buck. As an investor, I don’t own shares in companies which intentionally and knowingly prey upon human weakness and/or damage individuals and society, e.g., gambling, hard liquor, tobacco, and fast foods.

I believe the adoption of my proposal might over the short term negatively affect Bank of America’s earnings and dividend growth. No doubt we’ll anger some customers and other banks will continue their unsound practices.

A parent’s a parent until their very last breath. We owe it to our children, and to all Americans, to jettison unsound mortgage lending practices rather than continue them just because “Johnnie’s parents let him do it”.

For further discussion of this issue, please read my 2005 blogs dated October 17, 24, 25, 28 and November 6, 9, 16, 19. www.drmarkklein.blogspot.com

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time for international political psychotherapy.

(From Israel's Haaretz newspaper today.)

The West`s addiction to wishful thinking
Mark Klein, M.D.

I can`t think of a better administrator than Hamas for international aid.

With a genuine electoral mandate, and a reputation for fiscal honestly, who else can do the job to improve the day to day lives of Palestinians? They voted for better lives not endless war with Israel.The West`s addiction to yesterday`s ideas, combined with a breathtaking self-righteous smugness, it simply doesn`t see this once in a lifetime chance to start on the road to real peace.

Suicidal for Hamas to disarm now. Palestinian society is composed of heavily armed extended family clans, thugs, and private armies. A disarmed Hamas couldn`t defend itself against the likes of Islamic Jihad, Fatah, etc.So long as Hamas doesn`t attack Israel, and curbs terror by others, it should take power immediately.

Only Hamas has the political clout to sell a final settlement should a Palestinian "Sharon" emerge.

Ms Hill cares more about affordable housing than foreign policy

Not a word in the State of the Union speech yesterday on what the Mr. and Ms. Hills of America really care about.

New York Times-2/1/06

The Quest
Dorothy Hill's plan was simple — "find a one-bedroom apartment to rent for $2,200 in one of the best elementary school district zones in the city, P.S. 6."

Her lease expired at the end of January, so she spent the month pursuing her dream, her quest, a small home that could be the educational launching pad for Alex and Sophia, her 4-year-old twins. Maybe even a walk-up (until the nanny nixed that idea).

She traveled the Upper East Side with a tape measure and a map, spending lunch hours with real estate people like Perry Buckner, looking at studios with alcoves. Today, Ms. Hill, Alex, Sophia and a cocker spaniel named Daphne will move into their new home, a one-bedroom sun-filled apartment in the desired school district, but the rent is $2,995 a month.

Remember, she is a total realist.