Monday, January 23, 2006

Why is this man smiling?

A rite of passage. Spent a few hours last night preparing the paperwork and shipping documents to transfer investments I managed to my youngest child when he turns 21 next week. Saddened, however, by the marked diminution in the buying power of his investments when denominated in housing price dollars since his birth in 1985. Worry for his and my grandchildrens generations' financial future is a major factor in my quest for the White House.

More than anything we need a real grownup in the Oval Office.

Modern medicine has radically transformed the lives of older people like me. We have a chance to be "30" again without the sturm and drang of starting careers and raising families. I've never been happier, or intellectually alive, as I am today.

Really a question of being smart about taking advantage of all medicine and dentistry has to offer. For example, getting the annual physical, the lab tests, and following the doctor's orders make all the different. About 18 months ago at an annual exam my blood sugar was slightly elevated but not yet at diabetic levels. Carry the gene for Type II because my late grandmother had it.

Unlikely would be trying for the White House were I contending with diabetes and its complications. Hence assiduously followed my doctor's advice. Lost weight, excercised and changed my dietary habits. Since the onset of adult diabetes is silent, I test my blood sugar every morning. Well within the normal range it closely tracks the caloric intake of the previous day. Made a number of minor adjustments to my regular diet to improve my sugar count. The other key thing I do is weigh myself daily on a real doctor's office balance scale.

Also smiling this morning with my blood sugar at 89 and weight at 200, perfectly normal for someone 6-4.

I want to eat steak until I croak. That means taking advantage of all modern dentistry has to offer. Not cheap but worth every penny. At my last cleaning a few weeks ago my general dentist found despite my very careful home dental hygeine program a few gum pockets worth a referral to the periodontist.

In short I'm like a vintage car. A great ride but requires regular trips to specialized auto repair shops! My Medicare card arived not a moment too soon.

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